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“Methods for Clearing your Crystals”

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Dear Healing Crystal Enthusiast:

Clearing Your Crystals, by Crystal CAT

If you’re new to the whole crystal scene, you might be wondering why you should cleanse your stones.   You might be thinking, “What do I need to do that for.  They don’t get dirty!”  If this description fits you, read on for an education in the hows and whys of cleansing your stones.   If you’re familiar with clearing crystals, skip down to where the various methods are listed for a refresher course.

Why cleanse your crystals.  Whether you use your stones for programming, or you just like to wear them, it is important to keep them cleared on a regular basis.   Let’s say you don’t actively “work” with your stones, but you like to wear them, either for protection against negative energies or perhaps you just like the way your crystal pendant looks on that chain around your neck.   Either way, after wearing a Clear Quartz Crystal for a day (or holding one in your pocket), you’ll probably come into contact with some negative energies, especially if you wear it at work.   Not only that, but you might also be feeling some negative emotions yourself at some point during the day.  

Crystals have a tendency to absorb the energies around them.   This is especially true for Quartz Crystal, which is the most popular stone among crystal lovers.   In fact, that’s why Quartz is so great to work with.   It has the wonderful property of focusing and amplifying energies that are sent to it.  

There are only a few stones that do not absorb negative energy and don’t need to be cleansed regularly.   These include, but are not limited to Citrine, Carnelian, and Kyanite.

There is a multitude of ways in which people cleanse their crystals.   Just take a look online and you will see that it can be quite confusing to try to figure out the best way to cleanse a particular stone.   In this article, I will list the various ways for cleansing crystals, followed by a brief description.   At the end, I will show you which ways I prefer and why I use them instead of the others.   With each method, visualization can help in the cleansing process.  Carnelian is said to be able to cleanse negativity from other stones by keeping it in a bag or box with the stone you want to cleanse.

UPDATE (07-06-07): See our new Video on how you can Clear your Crystals right now using the sound on our Video!

Running Water:
You can hold your stones under running water to remove negative energies.   Using visualization can help this process or any other cleansing method, for that matter.   To do this, simply hold your stone under a running faucet, or in a stream, and imagine the moving water washing your crystal clean of all negative energies.   You cannot use this method for friable stones such as Azurite, Sulfur, Kyanite, Zeolite, among others, or for some jointed crystals like clusters or twins, as the water may break apart your stone.

Salt Water:
Many people like to use salt water, as salt is a very cleansing mineral.   You can fill a bowl of water, add salt, and then place your crystal in it.   Some people visualize the crystal releasing old energies out into the salt water.   Again, you don’t want to use this method with delicate stones.   Both salt and water can damage your crystals if left on them for too long, so if you use this method, make it short and sweet.

To avoid the degrading nature of water to their stones, some crystal lovers choose a method of clearing where the stone is placed in a bowl of dry salt.   This is a good method for most stones.   The only thing to watch out for is that there is no salt left on the stone when you’re finished cleansing it.  Salt will degrade your stone if it gets into small crevices, especially in a moist environment.  Using a makeup brush, you can get into those crevices to make sure there is no salt lingering there.

This method considers the source of our beautiful crystals as Mother Earth.  What better way to clear away negativity than by placing your stone back into it’s original cradle.  For this method, you can either bury your stone in your backyard (use a marker , or you can simply gather some soil in a container, and place your stone within it.  A possible drawback of this method is if wind or an animal pulls up your marker, leaving you unable to locate your buried crystal.  If you feel comfortable with this method, just use a makeup brush to remove excess dirt.  Blowing on it afterwards can not only help remove small bits of dirt, but you can also visualize yourself blowing away any extra stagnant energies.

You can cleanse your stones energetically simply by using your breath.   Simply visualize yourself blowing clear, white light into each stone and use as many breaths as it takes until you feel that the stone is “shining” and clear again. 

Trial by fire.  Well, believe it or not, this is a preferred method of cleansing for some crystal lovers.  They feel it is the most purifying of all the cleansing methods.  For this method, simply light a candle and pass your crystal quickly through the flame so you don’t leave black soot on your crystal from the flame.  Be careful not to burn yourself!  Some people don’t actually pass the stone through the flame, but over it instead.

Using the Sun to clear negative energies from your crystals sounds logical.  For many stones, the Sun acts as a wonderful purifier.  The method commonly used here is placing your stones outside for a specified period of time.  Some say it’s a day, while others prefer leaving their stones out for a week.  Even others do it for 72 hours.  Obviously, there’s no consistent time period for doing this, so follow your intuition for what is right for your stones.  Be aware of a drawback to this method: Some crystals will fade in the Sun.  Crystals not to be left in the Sun for any period of time often have deep color to them and are partially translucent such as Amethyst, Smokey Quartz, Rose Quartz, Celestite, Citrine, Flourite and others.  So, please BE CAREFUL when setting your crystals in the Sun so that you don’t damage the color. 

This method is pretty safe, using the same method as above, except with the Moon instead of the Sun as the clearing agent.  Of course, using the Moon, one need not worry about fading.  The only drawback is that you must be sure your stones are safe in their places.  Some animals like certain stones.  I have lost a number of Flourites when I gridded the outside of my home once.  Just be sure that nothing can get to them.  Time is about the same as with the Sun method- there isn’t a general consensus, so use your best judgment.

Coming from Native American tradition, this is a simple method of clearing your crystals, wherein you light some incense or herbs, and pass your stone through the smoke.  This method is pretty safe, with no fading possible and nothing to harm the stone.  Always do smudging in a ventilated area, and keep a window open to allow the negative energies to flow out of your space.  Use sage to clear away negative energies, and cedarwood to bring in positive energies.

Reiki or other Hands on Healing Energies:
I usually hold my hands in the air around the stone or even place the stone in my hand.  While doing this, visualize the stone as a beautiful sphere of white light.   As you imagine the stone as a white sphere, notice any “blemishes” or portions of the sphere that do not easily appear as being white to you.   Send energy into the stone for anywhere from 10 seconds to several minutes depending on the amount of energy that needs to be cleared.  You can also use other crystals to help clear other stones such as Amber to help transmute the energies or Clear Quartz to amplify your intent or Carnelian.   When I can easily imagine the stone that I am clearing as a perfect sphere of white light, then I feel that I am complete.

If you pay an instrument, you can play your instrument and direct the sound towards the crystal and they will naturally clear as a result of being exposed to the pure vibrations of playing your instrument.  I have a friend who sets his stones inside of his piano and intends to clear them while he plays.  I do not play an instrument, so I use tuning forks to create a pure vibration that resonates throughout the crystal and “shakes loose” all vibrations that have been stored in the crystal and “resets” the crystal to a natural and clear state.  When the crystal “feels good” again and it appears bright energetically, then I feel that I am complete.

These are the most common methods of clearing crystals.   With each method, it is advised that you visualize the negative energies leaving your stone to be transmuted by the Earth or the Sun.  I have a preferred method of smudging, because it is safest for the stone, there is no guesswork involved, and I don’t have to worry that my crystal might disappear when I come to get it.   I always open a window, state my intention, and as I pass my crystal through the smoke, I imagine the negative energies lifting up with the smoke, away from my stone.

With any crystal work, always remember that your intention holds the key to what you can do with your stones.  Thanks for reading our monthly newsletter and feel free to forward this article to your friends.  

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