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Stones of Ireland

By Stephanie Arnold

Ireland, the Emerald Isle. Leprechauns prancing, pots of gold at the end of the rainbow, fields of lucky clovers, and dancing a jig. But beneath the typical Irish culture we tend to think of, is a beautiful land with lush green countryside and a historical past steeped in legends and myths. Many of the crystals from Ireland also have legends behind them tracing back to many different areas of the world.

Aquamarine is one crystal mined in Northern Ireland. A form of Beryl, it has a calming energy that can help clear emotional issues and release attachments. In legends, Aquamarine was thought to be a treasure of mermaids and sailors often carried it for protection from drowning. It was also believed that holding it would gain you favor with the spirits of light. Found in various shades of blue and blue-green, Aquamarine almost seems that it could be made of water, and as a water element crystal, it heightens the intuition and emotions, leading you to a relaxed and balanced state of peace.

Like Aquamarine, other Beryls also come from Ireland. Beryl is a great crystal for stressful times, helping the user to find the guidance and clarity of mind to follow the guidance through tough times. Some other common Beryls are Morganite, Bixbite, Emerald, Heliodor and Goshenite. Records of Beryl being used for healing have been found dating back to earlier than 100 BC, when it was used as a powder to heal eye ailments. Beryl was known as an oracle crystal and Sir Reginald Scott, a scholar from the sixth century, used it in magical ceremonies and attested to its ability to promote visions. Beryl is also known to be the crystal associated with Thomas, an Apostle of Jesus. Today Beryl is still used in scrying, magic and manifestation, especially Golden Beryl (Heliodor).

Another crystal that is from Ireland is Peridot, a crystal that clears negativity and protects the aura. Peridot cleans and clears an individual on all levels – mind, body and spirit. It has been mined since at least 1500 BC and was called Chrysolite and Emerald at times, due to the similarities in color. European churches and cathedrals once held Peridot in their treasures and many of these were brought back from the Crusades as spoils of war. There were even stones carved into cups, so that an individual could drink liquids that have been energized by the crystal, because they believed this increased the effectiveness. This green crystal is included in the Bible, as a stone used by Aaron in his breastplate, and also in the book of Revelation. Aaron’s breastplate contained twelve crystals and, according to the Bible, gave him the power of God when worn. Peridots have different colors based on their source; the most commonly found today come from Arizona and have a lime-green color. However, those from Egypt have an emerald-green color and it’s likely that some of Cleopatra’s jewels were Peridots, mistakenly called Emeralds. So many ancient documents refer to the strong healing powers of this crystal.

Serpentine can also be found in Ireland and in parts of Britain. This stone may bring the "luck of the Irish" as it draws abundance to those who use it, but this crystal will also help you feel in control and helps those looking to advance spiritually. This stone, like Peridot, can also be traced back to ancient Egypt. The 30th chapter of the ancient funeral text, the Egyptian Book of the Dead, was supposedly carved on a Serpentine tablet. It was also a treasured crystal for the Aztecs and a favorite of Rasputin. Rasputin was a Russian mystic, healer and psychic who was considered a friend of Czar Nicholas II. To show appreciation for saving their son’s life, the Czar made him an entire dinner set from Serpentine, at Rasputin’s request. Another legend is that Italian peasants carried Serpentine in their pockets to protect them from poisonous snakes, insects and animals. Interestingly, these peasants believed that the crystal had to be in its natural from and must not be touched by iron, which would cause them to lose effectiveness. Today, Serpentine is the state rock of California.

Quartz is found in most areas of the world, including Ireland. Quartz is the master healing crystal useful for many different ailments, issues and problems. Quartz has been used across many different cultures as a healing crystal, including India, Mexico, Native American tribes, Greeks, Romans, and Egyptians. One of the most fascinating legends of Quartz is regarding its use as a power source in Atlantis. Edgar Cayce, the sleeping profit, believed that Quartz was used for its healing properties and its energy was harnessed to provide an energy source for the city. Legends also indicate the abuse of these crystals as a contributing factor to the fall of Atlantis. Some people even believe that when Atlantis disappeared into the sea, it took some of these powerful crystals with it, creating strange phenomena, like the Bermuda Triangle. Quartz was another crystal believed to have been on Aaron’s breastplate, like Peridot. Ancient crystal skulls have been found and many of these are made of Quartz. They date back to pre-history and were made using a complex technology that we are still unable to duplicate today. The legends of these skulls are throughout many of the native cultures of the Americas. The Cherokee legend states that there are 12 crystal skulls, one for each of the 12 planets inhabited by human beings, and a 13th skull that represents the collective consciousness of the world. Mayan legend also believes there are 13 ancient crystal skulls that must be reunited in the end times to change the course of humanity. Like these stories passed through the generations, there are many amazing legends about Quartz and even today it still remains an important crystal for all healers.

Beneath the lush green Irish hillsides and rocky landscapes, lies a land filled with wondrous crystals. Important to people of the past for healing, magic, and power, we have carried much of this knowledge to the present time and we still use these Irish crystals for similar purposes today. Although the crystals are all located in the Emerald Isle, the legends surrounding them go far beyond Ireland’s borders and far back into ancient history.



The Book of Stonesby Robert Simmons and Naisha Ahsian.

The Crystal Bibleby Judy Hall

Posted on March 17, 2012

  Hi , I like your words -

I've been living with crystals for many years {* collecting, buying, selling ........and giving away more than I sold *} in Ireland.

I've only lately been attracted to pure white Irish quartz and it's use in pre-history...... powerful stuff :-)  (Submitted by: Pheonix on June 12, 2014)
  I enjoyed this. I asked my Irish-native brother-in-law about what stones were from Ireland a few years ago and he had no idea. Now I have my answer!  (Submitted by: Debbie Flick on March 21, 2012)

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