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Spodumene and its Varieties: Hiddenite & Kunzite

By Sonia Acone

Spodumene is a lithium aluminum silicate mineral that is found in an opaque, gray color as well as translucent colorless, white, pink (Kunzite), green (Hiddenite) and yellow (sometimes called Triphane) varieties. Spodumene gets its name from the Greek word spodumenos which means “burnt to ashes” in reference to the gray coloring.

This lithium-rich mineral, no matter the color, is a crystal of optimism and joy. Spodumene is one of those crystals that goes hand in hand with “spring cleaning” or any time that clutter needs to be removed - whether it is the physical clutter from the home or the clutter inside your own head. Perhaps there are past mistakes you need to be free from, or sad memories that never seem to disappear, as well as harmful words spoken years ago that still linger. Holding Spodumene will enable these hurts and other clutter to be cleared away, soon to be replaced by a new sense of purpose and optimism. Use Spodumene when you need to be alone (in your own little safe, emotional bubble), yet are surrounded by people on a constant basis. Spodumene is a Crown chakra stone.

Physically, Spodumene can help with symptoms of neuralgia, epilepsy, sciatica, blurred vision and trouble hearing. It can also help with sexual or reproductive disorders.

Kunzite is the pink to lilac variety of Spodumene. Kunzite gets its color from small amounts of manganese. It is pleochroic, meaning that the color will look deeper depending on which end the crystal is viewed from. Pink coloring can be seen looking down its length, while seeing Kunzite from the side, it appears almost clear.  Use Kunzite for its calming, protective nature. It can remove negativity and promote a deeper meditative state. Kunzite increases self-esteem and is often called the “Woman’s Stone” as it helps adolescent girls deal with puberty in a supportive manner, as well as helping new mothers (or single moms) feel loved, supported and able to handle stressful situations. It can calm nerves, especially during interviews or exams. Kunzite works best on the Heart chakra.

Hiddenite is a variety of Spodumene that contains chromium to give it the emerald-green color that is so stunning. Hiddenite also works on the Heart chakra, enabling the wearer to focus on the present rather than past hurts. It helps one cope better with loss, whether it is the loss of a loved one, a home or even your car that can’t be easily replaced. Hiddenite lets you realize buried dreams that you may have forgotten about, due to the hectic nature of our daily lives. Hiddenite encourages healing of loved ones because of its deep connection to the Heart chakra.


Posted on April 15, 2014

  Wonderful I really feel the good vibes you dedicate to your & the Earth’s product. Transformation in action is delightful and mean fun to watch, can’t wait to see what gets dug up next!  (Submitted by: c0m1c5 on March 22, 2019)
  I love that each stone is accompanied by such thorough, informative descriptions. I have ordered and received a lovely kunzite stone, and ma well pleased with the quality of the stone and the metaphysical properties assisting me and my eleven year old daughter to move through our journeys with self-love, esteem and acceptance. I will order more of these stones so that my daughter may carry one or more with her through her day!
Thanks!  (Submitted by: Barbara Jean Sorensen on November 09, 2015)

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