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Spider Animal Totem

This Animal Totem is the Spider – Weaver of Fate and Creativity

For many people, Spider represents a Shadow Totem. These are the animals that provoke fear in you. The shadow totem represents the inner fear that you must overcome. Until you can face your fears that the animal is showing you, you will never be able to soar. Once you overcome your fear, that animal will become one of your most powerful totems. If you still experience fear when you see the animal then you have not fully learned or accepted the lessons that it is trying to show you.

Now back to the Spider whose medicine is the Weaver of Life’s Fate and Creativity. Spider teaches us balance in all things; past and future, masculine and feminine bodies, strength and gentleness, the ebbs and flows of life, and the physical body with the spiritual body. Her 8 legs represent the 4 Winds of Change and the 4 directions of the Medicine Wheel. Her creativity spins and weaves her web - her life’s fate.

Be it a Shadow Totem or a Power totem, her medicine is powerful. To fully embrace her, ask yourself questions such as; am I being creative in my life or letting someone else do the creating? Am I in balance with all aspects of my life? Can I see the complexity of life and be able to weave all the threads together that I need for my creation? Do I see that life is ever changing and am I able to adapt and weave new threads? Am I able to shrug off life’s challenges and rebuild what I know to be true? Can I see that there is Divine order in things and integrate it into my weave?

If Spider is a Shadow totem for you, simply ask the same series of questions but start each one with, “What fear do I have that is preventing me from… weaving my own life, getting in balance, etc. In order to face your fear you have to define it. It means looking deeply within and being honest with yourself. Once you have clearly defined your fear, you can now take steps to face it.

Crystals that can help you remember Spider’s medicine are:


Facing Fears:

Manifesting Desires:


By Susan Jolley

Posted on February 14, 2015
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