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Healing Crystals CSPQSM CSPQSM
Wow! WOW! _3 I am very much in love with my order! I asked for rainbows and I got them!!! I am so grateful! And the free quartz was amazing as well! Thank you so much for your service! I will be back for more!
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Again, I am a smokey quartz lover. However, when I took my sphere out of the box, it was very, very faint. The crystal's smokey-ness was almost invisible! It was very minute! While this was a bit disheartening at first, I quickly attached to the subtle-ness of the smoke and decided this would be a wonderful scrying or meditation sphere. Myself, I would prefer a smokier smokey quartz!
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This was the darkest smoky quartz I've ever seen that was still transparent. I use smoky quartz with people who aren't yet ready for the pure light of clear quartz.
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Sphere - Smokey Quartz Spheres (Brazil)    [CSPQSM]

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