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Healing Crystals CSPSEL CSPSEL
I felt the energy from this crystal as soon as i opened the box
5 5
my 13 year old asked me it this was like a crystal ball :) i need to purchase a couple more but it is pretty look at and i am very happy with the quality.
5 5
These are awesome! I love the unique character rather than shiny perfection in these giant spheres!
5 5
jody, i would like to thankyou for my order. the oder came really quick and i was very happy with my order in fact i am getting ready to put another order in. i am neww to using crytstal and i find you website very helpful. my rating is five star. merry christmas
5 5
Cool selenite sphere, with character. Love it!
4 5

Sphere - Selenite Spheres (Morocco)    [CSPSEL]

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