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Healing Crystals NQSMPL NQSMPL
Sweet, humbly intelligent, and, it has a bonus pyrite crystal in it's matrix!
5 5
This is a gorgeous smokey quartz point and I'm really happy with it. It will be a nice addition to my healing layouts.
5 5
Extremely Happy with item!
5 5
OMG I am so pleased with everything I purchased and the quality of customer service I received. Especially the handwritten thanks on the the order when I received it. The items are absolutly beautiful. Peace
5 5
Thanks to you guys, I love get my crystals from you :) everything was ok :) thumbs up all the way ;) Clara
5 5
I saw a friend on the bus and he started having little spasms in his left arm. A thought came to have him hold my smokey quartz point. So I told him to hold it in his left hand and keep talking to me. When it was time for me to go I took it back and of course he couldn't believe that the stress had gone away. Although it is not translucent, it it not polished and has a rough feel. This kind of gives your senses a doorway into the stone and helps to distract your conscious or rational mind and gets you back that childhood wonder. I use this point to dissolve tension. It works excellently.
4 5

Smokey Quartz Points Light (Brazil)    [NQSMPL]

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