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Shelley Poovey from BodyAttune is a member of the Healing Crystals' Phenacite Club and assists us by contributing high quality content before the Full and New Moon phases.



Shelley Poovey

Hi, I'm Shelley and I help you work with manifestation and alchemy practices to heal and realize the positive change you desire!

I believe our body has an innate capacity to heal itself and that there is a higher wisdom at work inside each of us that guides our life path.

I encourage entrepreneurs to let go of working hard and show them how business alchemy aligns our intentions to create vitality.

I enjoy seeing my clients heal and discover the joy of listening to their body. 

I love sharing my personal wellness story with others to inspire their own journey. I am a published author in an anthology called Heal Thy Self, which was an Amazon bestseller in spirituality and self help, among other categories. It was a lifelong dream fulfilled to write and share a very personal account of one of the most profound personal healing experiences I’ve ever had. 

I own a wellness practice in Manhattan and offer in-person as well as distance sessions alongside many talented healers. BodyAttune is a vision I had for many years before it became a reality – of creating a space dedicated to helping you develop, understand, and appreciate an empowered and co-created relationship to health. At BodyAttune, we use established methods and tools that create awareness, develop intuition, and build self-confidence. The BodyAttune approach increases your body’s ability to manage stress, creating resilience on all these levels. As owner of BodyAttune, it is my commitment to cultivate a personalized experience that is both results-oriented and fun!

When I'm not facilitating healing sessions, I love performing improv comedy and am secretly addicted to watching Shark Tank!

Find her Online:

Services Offered:

I offer BodyTalk sessions, Core Fitness Integration sessions, Moon Sessions, Manifesting Intentions sessions and Business Alchemy Personal Consultations. All sessions can be done remotely or in person. In-person sessions are facilitated at our location at 41 Union Square West, Suite 636 New York, NY 10003.

You can book a session directly on my website or by contacting me on this email address.

BodyTalk sessions and Business Alchemy consultations can be done in-person, over the phone or completely remote.


BodyTalk in-person

BodyTalk in-person sessions are easy, safe, and incredibly relaxing. With the use of a variety of non-invasive techniques that use specific breathing, tapping, and light touch we refocus your body’s natural healing response to establish better communication within the body. BodyTalk sessions are cumulative, which means that your body actually remembers the BodyTalk sessions it receives and your healing process will continue with each additional session you have.

Each session is scheduled for an hour. You will receive notes and a recording of the session, as well as techniques to practice at home.

Phone or Video BodyTalk

These Phone or Video BodyTalk Sessions happen live, last approximately 60 minutes, and is up to your discretion if you prefer a video connection or via conference call line.

You and your practitioner will have time to discuss your health history and concerns as well as address any questions that come up for you about how the session relates to your overall wellness goals. The practitioner will facilitate remotely, coaching you through the BodyTalk techniques. This can be an incredibly relaxing way to experience BodyTalk from the comfort of your own home!

You will receive a recording of the session plus a transcript of the BodyTalk formulas via email within 24 hours after your scheduled appointment.

Remote BodyTalk

Remote BodyTalk Sessions happen without you needing to be present. The practitioner will focus on your requests and perform the session at the scheduled time. You may go about your day as usual, or choose to be resting. Once the session is complete, you’ll receive written notes as well as a brief summary recording.

BodyTalk Tune-Up (30 min)

BodyTalk Tune-Ups last 30 minutes and happen in person only. These sessions focus on the five BodyTalk Access techniques which are the foundation of improving the communication, synchronization, and balance of your body’s systems. The full access routine takes 10 minutes. The rest of the tune-up includes a general BodyTalk session.

BodyTalk for Children (45 min)

BodyTalk for Children under 17 sessions are 45 minutes, and can be performed in person, over the phone, or remotely at a distance.

Each session comes with notes and a recording.

Core Fitness Integration (60 min)

Core Fitness Integration sessions begin using a series of ‘listening’ techniques that are applied to discover the areas of greatest stress within your body and determine the sequence of exercises, assisted releases, and other techniques to help restore a deep state of wellness from the inside-out. Each session uses techniques rooted in the principles of functional anatomy & biomechanics, chinese medicine, meditation, and core fitness modalities such as pilates, yoga, and qigong. These sessions can be an energizing way to stimulate your body’s capacity for self-healing!

Business Alchemy Personal Consultation (90 min)

In Business Alchemy personal sessions, you are guided to work with one clear goal/intention to establish trackable results with a focus on qualitative or quantitative result using the business alchemy process which creates a vortex to clarify and align the energy with your intention. Session concludes with action items to affect greater shifts in a shorter period of time. Session includes time for questions and discussion about the process.

Manifesting Intention Meditation and Healing Session (60 min) - $150 and (90 min)

Manifesting Intention Meditation and Healing Session involves a guided meditation to awaken your manifesting potential, followed by a healing session which helps align you to your desired outcome. These sessions are specifically focused on aligning with our more authentic self, and help overcome any experiences of obstacles to receiving clarity of intuitive guidance.

Moon Sessions - monthly subscription

Moon Sessions are subscription-based meditations that you receive every new and full moon. Practicing a meditation and healing session on the new and full moon brings you into alignment with the natural forces, supporting deep and lasting changes in very gentle but effective ways.

Subscription includes participation in a secret facebook discussion group where you can interact with other participants and ask questions. Supporting materials and articles are also share


NOTE: Shelley Poovey is a member of the Healing Crystals Phenacite Club. To learn more about the Healing Crystals Phenacite Club, click here.

Posted on March 13, 2018
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