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Sessions & Classes - Soul Filled Yoga by Jenn Morgan    [SJENM]
Sessions & Classes - Soul Filled Yoga by Jenn Morgan
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Jenn Morgan, The Soul Filled Yogi has been a soul searcher since childhood. She began learning about crystals and their properties as the age of 7, and always felt a strong connection to Angels and Mother Nature. But, like a lot of spiritual, indigo or crystal kids as time went on, she lost connection with this side of herself.

This deep spiritual connection was opened again for her many years later through yoga at a critical time in Jenn’s life when she was struggling with an eating disorder. Jenn was a professional model in New York City from the age of 15-21. This career left her with many unhealthy habits and beliefs. Yoga taught her mindfulness, inner strength, and helped her to remove blockages, and old belief systems that were keeping her in a fear and doubt mindset.

Yoga paved a way for her inner truth and possibility to shine forward. It was through this shift that Jenn knew it was her purpose to share this practice, and spirituality with as many people as she could. Jenn is a Registered Yoga Teacher of 500 Hours (RYT-500), Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher (ERYT) and Yoga Alliance Certified Education Provider (YACEP.) Her study of yoga led her again back to the healing crystals she treasured so much in her childhood. She enjoys combining these two practices in her teachings. Jenn runs an Accredited Crystal Healing Arts School which ties many spiritual concepts and practices to healing crystals. From the moon, and astrology, to chakras, and yoga, Jenn’s expertise in how the many facets of the healing realm tie into crystal healing is unprecedented.

Jenn is also a Master Certified Crystal Healer (CCH), IET practitioner (IET Level 3), Reiki practitioner (Level 2), Certified Life & Sacred Business Coach, Certified Chakra Healer, has a BA in Marketing & Communications, and her school is accredited through the WMA.

Aside from serving her life’s purpose, Jenn enjoys gardening, spending time with her family, bird watching, playing with her chickens and two German Shepherds. She loves all things shiny, sparkly, and rainbows.

You can connect with Jenn via:

Soul Filled Yogi Products & Offerings:


Moon Phaseology - Cost $111.00

The moon is a mysterious and magical being. Astrologically the moon dictates our day to day emotions. From a practical view we as humans are mostly water, and the moon pulls water (that's how waves and tides exist.) Thus we can expect that the moons pull has some sort of affect on us. Different moon phases cause us to experience different emotions, and when we use them to work with the moon by creating rituals or habits we can become more aware of how the moon specifically affects us, and how we can work with this instead of against it. To see the full curriculum visit:

Chakra Healing Certification - Cost $223

In this 7 part course will learn about the chakra system, how to detect, and look for imbalances, and what to do to get your energy flowing free again! This course will show you various healing forms and tools to balance the chakras and how to use these tools like; mudras, yoga poses, essential oils and more to heal others.

You'll get:

-7 part self-paced course on the chakras from beginner level to advance

-Downloadable e-guides, and books for this course

-Access to the course support group online

-Upon completion to the course you will receive the seal of Certified Chakra Healer to use for your Business or Website.

For the full curriculum visit:

Signology Spiritual Symbolism School  - Cost $77

I'll take you on an exploration of spirituality, signs, and what they mean. In this course you will be led through meditations to access symbols that have special meaning to you. These tools will serve you throughout your whole life time. You will have access to Universal support at your finger-tips whenever you need.

Week 1 Breakdown:

Spirituality- What does it all mean

How do I know what is a sign

How can I get more in tune with signs

Types of Signs; Physical, Metaphysical

Amplify Your Awareness Journal Exercise

Balancing Meditation

Week 2 Breakdown:

State of Consciousness

Tools to increase your awareness

Meditation for Alignment & Balancing

Asking for signs and connecting with your Spirit Guides

Week 3 Breakdown:

Deciphering Signs; Animals, Nature, Numbers

Animal Totem Meditation

Shapes, Sacred Geometry, Colors

Additional Bonuses* Symbols & Meaning Master Guide,

Crystals to Increase Your Intuition & Spiritual Receptivity E-Guide

View the full course curriculum:

Various E-Books & Guides:

Crystals 101 E-Book

Cost $13

Why is everyone talking about crystals, rocks, and gems My E-Book will reveal the secrets of this type of natural healing, teach you how exactly crystals work, which crystals are perfect for beginners (which are not), and how you can use them in your daily life to find more balance and less stress.

Meet Your Spirit Guides using Crystals E-Book

Cost $12

The first time I met my spirit guide my life completely changed. You spirit guides tie you to the higher realms and support you throughout your whole life. There are there to lead you and provide you with value insight into your life challenges and lessons. Connecting with your spirit guides using crystals is a powerful practice that not only connects you with your guides but teaches you how to connect with crystals in a much deeper way. This E-Book will help you discover crystals that will help heighten your spiritual awareness, and take you through exercises using them to connect you with your spirit guides and deepen your connection to the higher realms.

Crystals for Astrology -  The Elements E-Book

Cost $14

Getting to know your horoscope can provide you with guidance and information unique to you. Crystals along with charting our astrology can become important links in our lives to bring together our current life lessons, why they are presenting now, and a healing tool to help ease us through this time. This E-Guide will help you learn the depth or your specific astrology, what it means for your life, and the proper crystals to apply to find resolve, growth, and immense healing.

Moon Rituals Using Crystals E-Book

Cost $13

We like the moon have phases, we ebb and flow like the tides. The moon rules bodies of water, and we in fact are mostly water ourselves, so alone the moons pull affects us deeply. In astrology, the moon is known to rule emotions and moods. Different phases of the moon make us feed different ways, so when we become attuned to this process and act accordingly we can harness the power of the phase in our daily lives. In the E-Book you will dive deep into the moon phases, their meanings, rituals for each phase, astrology and your specific moon phases as well as your full moon, and learn about crystals that tie us to the moon and how to use them for their maximum potential.

Printable Card-Decks:

Chakra Affirmation Card Set

Cost $10

Chakra affirmations are used as mantras for your daily-meditation, as quick reminders of how we can find balance, and to remove blockages from our chakra system. This affirmation deck comes with multiple affirmations for each chakra and all the must-know chakra descriptions; color, sanskrit word, emotions and characteristics, as well as which crystals you can use to balance each. This affirmation deck is provided in a PDF format for printing and will be emailed directly to you after check out.

Soul Shine - Game Changing Affirmation Cards to Heighten Your Awareness & Spiritual Vibration

Cost $12

With this 59 card affirmation deck, you will be shining bright and soaring high! This affirmation deck will challenge you, support you, and help you learn simple manifestation and chakra balancing tools. After check out you will be provided with your card deck PDF download.

Why 59 cards

59 is a combination of the angel numbers 5, and 9, these number symbolize new beginnings, change for growth, positive changes, and gratitude- which is exactly this deck is designed for.

Sacred Business:

Website Branding Review

Cost $100

Website/ Branding Copy Review: This hour long session is designed for those entrepreneurs and wantrepreneurs in the midst of building their brand. This will help you get clear on your brand, whether your website and social copy supports that, and how you can build your career in a clear way.

Crystal Junkie Tank

Cost $45

Join the Crystal Junkie™ Community with the Crystal Junkie T-shirt by The Soul Filled Yogi. Every Mermaid, Unicorn, Soul Filled Yogi, Bohemian, and Hippie Chick should have one!

Specify Size

Shipping $5 USA ONLY


Physical and Metaphysical Properties for Sessions & Classes - Soul Filled Yoga by Jenn Morgan
Sessions & Classes - Soul Filled Yoga by Jenn Morgan    [SJENM]

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