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I love ordering for this site. Never disappointed. I ordered the selenite 3-5" THIN and they were THIN. They are size of an "average" female ring finger. Just as the length range is written, so should the width range for more clear description. I ordered many pieces and was seriously disappointed by how THIN they really were. If the description was more clear, I would've ordered something else and not these. Yes, I can return them, but it's not worth the hassel. Please, clarify/describe l×w×h of the crystals for ease of shopping minus the shock of disappointment.
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Wow!!! I am very pleased with this purchase! I see this one becoming a real focal point in my collection! It’s beautiful! When touching/holding it, it leaves a dust, that I was at first weary of bc I was afraid it was shards that would prick me, but it is more like a light dusting that shimmers!
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This is one of my favorite pieces! It works very slowly with your energies but it is very effective as well!
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I placed an order for 4 3-5'' Selenite rods and when I received them they were all so beautiful. Even for thin rods they are great sizes. I was very pleased with all my Selenite rods. Thank you Healing Crystals. :-)
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Very pleased. Thank You!
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Lots of selenite at a great price! It's all over my house now! Inside and outside are gridded, and the plants are enjoying the benefit of the tiny flakes and selenite dust. Thanks!!! I now have a shelf full of raw selenite that comprises a wall around the area where I do phone readings. It lifts the vibration and keeps the energy very, very clean and clear!!!
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I LOVE these selenite rods! Lots of potential uses and a great price.
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GREAT raw selenite! I'm glad I found this amazing deal and ordered enough to sink a ship. I'm having fun with it - creating, displaying, and appreciating the very high vibration.
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Nice energy, can't wait to use them in a grid
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I am trying to find a very large picec aprox. Two to three feet long and four to five inches in diamiter
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Selenite - Natural Selenite Rods (Morocco)    [NSELR]

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