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Hi there. I am trying to find out if there is a corrolation between the crystal systems (ie Cubic, Tetragonal, Orthorhombic, Monoclinic, Triclinic, Hexagonal, Trigonal) and the Sacred Geometry shapes. I have searched the internet for this information and to date have been unable to find information. I have recently received some channelled information and I need to piece together this information. It would seem that there has to be a link....obviously the Cubic system would be the Cube. Any help or links would be much appreciated. In love & light.


Hi C:

Thanks so much for your question about crystal systems and sacred geometry.

Here is the information that we have on our website about Sacred Geometry:

Search Results - Healing Crystals, Articles About Crystals, Metaphysical Directory.

That doesn't really answer your question though so I did a little research and found this article:

Satya Center – Alternative Health, Relationships and Global News

I am not sure if that will give you the information that you need but hopefully it will help.

Since you are channeling information you might try using a Clear Quartzto gather more information from your meditations and/or channeling sessions.  Perhaps charge the crystal with the intention that it will help you have a clearer understanding of the message or that it will point you in the direction that you need to go to uncover more information.

Thanks again for your question and I will keep looking to see if I come up with any further information for you.  In the meantime, please don't hesitate to let us know if we can be of any further assistance.  Wishing you love and light!

Crystal Blessings!

Tara Mideaker

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Posted on February 05, 2013
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