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Date:     Tue, 03 Nov 2009 17:26:46 -0500
From:     Miriam

I am a friend of Consuelo Guillot who directed me to your website. I was wondering if you can suggest some items that will rid negative energy and allow clear thinking? I spend a lot of my time on computers due to my career path. Consuelo said I may also need something to place in my working area. Any help will be appreciated.

Good Morning Miriam :)

Welcome to the website! A big "Thank You" to Consuelo for directing you here. What a sweet and loving gesture.

Clearing negative energy from a space, person or place is by far the number one request from those who work with any type of crystals, be it in the healing field or for personal use. Some of my favorites to remove negativity and negative energies would be Black Tourmaline, Black Obsidian or Jet. These pieces draw the negative energies away and send them into the universe where they are transmuted into loving, positive energies.

You could also try some Amethyst clusters or a lovely green Chlorite Phantom in Quartz Tower. Both of these remove negativity from a space by absorbing it into the crystal and holding it within until they are cleansed. For the first month, I would clean these once a week. As you feel the negative energies dissipate, once a month will work fine.

To read more about how to cleanse your crystals, check out these articles:

We also have a wealth of information in our archives that deal directly with the issue of removing negative energy.

Here is an article that appeared in a recent Newsletter

Here is another piece that has some great suggestions on crystals that can help clear negativity

I, too, work at my computer for the majority of my day. Many times, those unseen Electromagnetic Frequencies (EMF's) can lead to memory loss, muddy thinking, etc. Here are some great articles that deal with what you can use around your computer to keep the EMF's from being absorbed by your body. I think you will find that you will feel and think more clearly while you are at the computer.

and  here is another that suggests several stones to be used to combat the effects of EMF

My advice is to take a look at the recommended stones by clicking the links. Check out the pictures and information. You can then choose what feels right to you. If you have any further questions or need clarification, please do not hesitate to email.

Continued success to you on your career path.

with love and crystal blessings,
Kristi Huggins
Author and Project Manager for Healing Crystals

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Posted on November 04, 2009
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