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Hi again,

Thank you for your answers and Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. I consider myself novice in dealing with crystals and I would like to know some more things. Is it possible to take a shower with crystals because its pretty annoying to put them off all the time?

And one more strange thing. I got myself a labradorite stone, I've held it in my hand during the sleep. From the beginning I experienced very strong vibrations, like I plugged myself into a power cord. But I was thinking, hey maybe this crystal works this way. In the morning my palm was red and burned.  However, I cannot sense any of vibrations from the stone anymore. I hope I didn't burn it to death:  please can you tell me what to do?


Happy New Year to you!

I suppose you could take a shower with the crystals, but there are some things to consider here before you do :)

First, crystals like tepid water, not too hot and not too cold. The extreme change in temperature could crack many crystals. Other crystals are soft and do not do well in water. Turquoise are a few that could possibly break apart or disintegrate in water.

Another quick and easy solution is to simply place your pieces on a quartz cluster before you go to bed. They will get energetically cleansed while you sleep and will be ready and refreshed in the morning.

The Labradorite you purchased....was it raw? tumbled? smoothed? A lot of the time, raw Labradorite or larger Labradorite palm stones are polished and coated for protection and to enhance the beauty of the piece. One explanation is that it is possible that you reacted to that coating.

If, however, this is not the case, my feeling is that the Labradorite was pulling out toxins from your body (hence the vibrations and the redness of your palm). It will need to be energetically cleansed because what it has pulled out is more than likely still within the stone and needs to be cleansed in order that these dense energies be released. That would also explain why you do not currently sense any vibrations at this time.

Give it a good cleansing using your preferred method and then see how it feels to you. You also may want to take it in smaller doses or put it under your pillow instead of holding it and see what occurs.

Many times, you will find the best way to use a crystal through trial and error. We certainly do not want you to get burned or injured! :)

Give your Labradorite a good cleansing and see what happens :)

With love and crystal blessings,


Posted on January 05, 2010

  Whats the best way to cleanse labradorite?


Katie  (Submitted by: kate on June 26, 2010)
  One time I felt a strong vibration from Labordorite when I was sleeping with it in my hand too. I didnt get red and burned but I woke up all of a sudden out of a deep sleep and the vibrations were so strong I had to literally toss the crystal from my hand. I didnt notice any redness nor was my hand burned. It was just very startling. I didnt realize it then but I must have got a good cleanse from the stone. I really love the Labradorite stone and I probably should take Krista's advice and cleanse the ones I have. I do have a couple other stones that I noticed I wasnt feeling any energy from. I will cleanse those too and see if it helps. Carla B  (Submitted by: Carla B on January 06, 2010)

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