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Healing Crystals DCPYAVG DCPYAVG
Truly gorgeous...I would like the greens to vary in shades...I ordered that the price goes down the more you order...They are tiny but I've been searching for smaller pyramids would be great if you had other sizes...I was pleased there were no chips...My order came quickly - 3 the low shipping cost...can't wait to order Christmas gifts.
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Love the color and will be buying more.thanks for the great prices.
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Very nice, thanks.
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I ordered these thinking they were bigger than they actually are, they are nice but too small. I wish they had them in bigger sizes.
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These are adorable and with very lovely striations in the stone. I would love to get more, in larger sizes.
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Pyramid - Green Aventurine Pyramids (India)    [DCPYAVG]

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