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We all want our homes to be a refuge, but there are times when the energy at home can be stagnant, oppressive, and even negative. Energy may come in with people invited to our homes, the land itself, or even objects we take in. The following article will give suggestions and recommendations on how to clean the energy of your home.

When working to remove “vibrational dirt”, the most important aspect is the intention. Set a goal to remove all the “psychic dirt” with each swipe of a cloth or toss in the garbage. Once you have set your goal, start setting up an energetic shield. Take your time and breathe calmly for a minute or two. Imagine a diamond shield coming up all around you as you take air in. For some, a multi-colored bubble would be easier to imagine and for others a suit of armor. If you have a strong sense of smell, imagine the aroma of sage forming a protective shell over your body.

Clutter is unwanted energy’s best friend. It loves to hang out in corners, under beds, and even in closets. It is very important to clear your house of anything broken, unused, or not loved.  Old furniture, antiques, jewelry, and mirrors hold vibrations of their previous owners. Boxes with letters, mementos, and clothing are all potential energy stoppers. Any item not loved or being used needs to be recycled, donated, or thrown out.

How to do a Psychic Cleaning of your Home

Starting at the basement, open windows and doors, move curtains and burn incense (Sage, Mistletoe, and Palo Santo Sticks are good choices) to help keep the vibrations clear as you clean. Play drumming music while cleaning.  Sharon Ingerman has a drumming CD that is included in her book Shamanic Journeying which is excellent. Doreen Virtue has a CD called “Chakra Clearing” that you can use to help clear the energy while you clean. Ask for spiritual protection from any angel, spirit guide or deity that you work with while cleaning. Imagine them guiding and protecting you as you work in a space.

Move in a counter clock wise direction while cleaning. If this is not possible, move North to South and East to West. You want to incorporate the energy of the Cardinal Directions to help you release that which no longer serves you. Keep a piece of Selenite in your pocket or in a piece of jewelry. Selenite is a “psychic vacuum” cleaner and can help absorb any negative energy you encounter. Black Obsidian can aid in the transmuting of negative vibes and Labradorite can protect your aura. Amethyst’s vibrations lend to spiritual protection. All four crystals can keep you energetically protected while you clean.

Using Salt

Use salt in the water you are using to clean. Although Sea Salt is preferable, you can use table salt instead. Since many things can be damaged by salt, use a small amount per gallon and imagine it clearing any energy it comes into contact with. Spray the room after cleaning with a spray made out of salt water that has been charged with Black Tourmaline (has protective vibrations). Here is a link to a video that shows how to charge water (be careful when spraying so as not to let the water touch anything that can be easily damaged).

Salt in the form of Rock Salt Lamps can be another way of not only cleaning the energy of the room, but may also aid in protection. You can also find lamps made out of Selenite and Rose Quartz too. They are an excellent way to clean the air and vibrations of a space. I have found many in chain decorating stores.

Using Essential Oils

When vacuuming, place a ribbon scented with an essential oil like Rosemary, Peppermint, or Eucalyptus around the exterior of the vacuum cleaner vent (make sure that it is securely tied and can’t be sucked in by the machine). The scent will be released by the heat of the cleaner and your air will not only smell better, but it will also become lighter.

When cleaning your home you may wish to try to add one or two drops of essential oils to your wash loads to also help with protection. Cedarwood, Pine, and Juniper are protective oils that you can use in your wash, in oil burners, or in sachets. Use Lavender Scented pouches in your dryer (these are found in the laundry section of your natural food store).

After Cleaning

After your home is cleaned, a bath or shower will help restore your energy and release anything that may have clung to you while cleaning. While washing yourself, imagine that you are scrubbing away soot from your body. The soap is releasing anything attached to you and you can visualize it going down the drain.  Use a salt scrub afterwards (please use a bath mat since scrubs are made out of oil and can be slippery). The salt scrub can be scented with a Lavender or Rose scent that will relax and soothe you. The salt not only purifies, but the oil can seal in good energy.

After the shower or bath, you have the opportunity to light some candle that can attract positive energy into your home. Rose, Chamomile and Lavender candles infuse the air with scents that bring to mind tranquility and contentment. Use them wherever you cleaned to lift the mood, brighten the atmosphere and attract love into your space.


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Article By Lourdes Lebron

Posted on January 26, 2016

  Loved this article very interesting very anxious to try all these new ideas.
thank you  (Submitted by: Glenda on May 30, 2018)
  A very complete and thorough article. Would love to find a book with all this information along with stones and their meanings  (Submitted by: TinaTroudt on May 27, 2016)
  This is very similar to my practices. It is very informative information.  (Submitted by: Patricia S on April 06, 2016)
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