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Healing Crystals CGARN CGARN
Beautiful Garnet. Recommend. I had a specific request for this and HC was able to accommodate my request. Thank you.
5 5
5 5
Yummy, yummy stone! Beautiful to hold, delicious energy, will be back for another one!
5 5
This crystal is GORGEOUS. I got the XL one, which is about 2 finger-widths long, 2 high, and 1 wide. I've never been macabre, but it's this beautiful color like a pool of blood, a very dark red that's pretty much black. In light, you can see red along the edges though. And mine sparkles in some spots, like glitter. It reminds me of the Sorcerer's stone from Harry Potter, lol. I have quite a collection from HC now, and along with my Rose Elestial and Zincite, this Garnet is one of the ones I pick up most!
5 5

Polished Crystals - Garnet Nuggets (Hand Polished)    [CGARN]

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