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Phosphosiderite, although a mouthful to say, is basically a combination of phosphorous and iron. It is found in lovely shades of pink, purple, lilac and even green, red or colorless.

A stone of healing, Phosphosiderite works wonders with the Heart and Third Eye chakras to balance these energy centers and allow one to gain a better understanding of one’s spiritual path. It can help one to communicate with spirit guides and angels, and is a wonderful crystal to use in meditation.

Use Phosphosiderite when you need to gain a better understanding of your past lives and, in turn, better understand your life in the now. It can be an excellent stress-reliever when worn or carried.

Physically, Phosphosiderite can help with insomnia, if placed under your pillow; alleviate upper respiratory ailments such as colds/flu and other lung infections; help with abdominal issues, heart ailments, and the thyroid.


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Physical and Metaphysical Properties for
Crystal Name:Phosphosiderite
Pronunciation:Fos foe sid uhr ite
Affirmation:I am spiritually connected to my higher self.
Question:Do you feel your are on the right path spiritually?
Astrological Sign:Virgo (August 23 to September 22)
Primary Chakra:Heart Chakra
Secondary Chakra:Third Eye Chakra
Color:Green, Pink, Purple, Tan (light brown)
Mineral Class:Phosphates
Crystal System:Monoclinic Crystal System
Hardness:3.5 4 Hardness
Numerical Vibration:Number 6
Chemical Composition:FePO4 2H2O, Hydrated Iron Phosphate
Physical:Abdominal Problems, Colds and Flu, Heart, Insomnia, Lungs, Thyroid Balance and Health
Emotional:Hope, Peace and Peacefulness, Reducing Stress or Tension
Spiritual:Clairaudience, Connecting and Communicating with Spirit Guides, Meditation, Past Life Recall

Posted on October 30, 2014
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