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Penguin Animal Totem

This animal totem is Penguin – Sacrifice/Strength, Self-Mastery/Grace, Community, Insight/Adaptability

Penguin is an animal who represents sacrifices. He makes long treks from the ocean to the breeding grounds.  he male takes the full responsibility of sitting on the egg while the female goes back to the sea for food. The male will sit on the egg going without food until it hatches. Once hatched the female returns and takes over. Then the male ends his fast and returns to the sea. He has accepted the change in gender roles. Penguin is teaching you the values of sacrifice and fasting; doing without in order to become someone better. The sacrifices you make can teach you valuable lessons through those limitations if you are willing to see them through to the end. You may feel that you have given too much but actually you have not followed through with your sacrifice to the end or learned the lesson you were supposed to learn to grow towards your highest good. Can you follow through with the sacrifices you are being asked to make, face your fears regarding the sacrifices and believe you will be all the better for completing the task at hand?

Penguin is asking you to consider the issues surrounding self-mastery and self-discipline. How do you move, act and navigate through your life? Penguin is asking you to control your emotions to promote inner balance.  Aesthetic appearance is important but not so that it is for the benefit of others, it is for your own well being. So what if you are clumsy, don’t look the way others think you should, and don’t know where your place in the world is? Penguin will help you find where your grace lies so that you can find your place in the world. In knowing your grace you will find that you can be proud of yourself.

Penguin is a very social animal. Male and female will bow to one another before leaving or entering the nest and to others as they pass by. The bowing is a symbol for respect and maintaining social bonds. Group bonding is for social contact, survival and warmth. As they huddle together they will rotate their formation so that the outer “ring” moves inward as the inward moves outward so that all can share in the warmth. Penguin encourages teamwork, having a social connection, unity and working for the good of everyone. Penguin is teaching that we are all equal therefore respect should be given equally to every individual.

Penguin is associated with water and water is symbolic of dreams, emotions, intuitive insights and liminal space. Liminal space is the in-between space, like twilight, neither day nor night. He lives in the luminal state of being on the edge between land and sea which is represented by his dual coloring. He’s encouraging you to see what is going on in the unknown by enhancing your ESP. They may come through visions, meditation, or dreams. Penguin will guide you in the luminal space to obtain the knowledge you seek. Penguin also molts on a regular basis with new feathers growing back stronger and more protective. He has agility in his movements be it waddling, belly gliding or swimming. He can drink salt water and filter out the salt. He is asking you to do the same by letting go of your fears and false beliefs, to filter out the impurities in your life, and to use agility so that you can emerge more confident and stronger.

Crystals to help remind you of Penguin’s medicine are:






By Susan Jolley

Posted on August 14, 2015
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