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Healing Crystals CPENLAP CPENLAP
Love them! Great color and energy.
5 5
It's perfect, both looks and energy. I couldn't have found a better one if I had been there picking. This is the first time I've tried dowsing and I am floored! The dark blue Lapis pendulum with the gold flecks looks incredible, works great and is full of energy! Thanks for sending it as fast as you did! You guys do a great job!
5 5
Very Nice. I love the color and energy.
5 5
Good price, good stuff, fast shipping, good communication, you are loving people. Thank you so much.
5 5
It is a beautiful crystal, and perfect for dowsing beginners.
5 5
Very energetic and resposnive upon opening. Beautiful, of course, and sturdier than I expected. Already shows promise as pendulum as it helps calm and see. Thank you!
5 5

Pendulum - Lapis Lazuli 6-Facet Pendulums (India)    [CPENLAP]

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