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I do a lot of dowsing and ordered this pendulum because the point chipped off years ago on the one I had, and recently the chain broke. It served me well but I thought it was time to 'retire' that one and order a new one. I really like the shape of the one that was chosen for me and it picked up my energy immediately. Thank you.
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Amethyst Pendulum is always very effective for getting spiritual power or energy. You can know more here
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My new soul sister LOVES her amethyst crystal pendulum!
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Very nice - a gift for a special person and I'm sure she'll enjoy it!
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very beautiful and easy to dowse with!
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Didn't think I would like the teardrop as much as the traditional pendulum shape, but it is very nice, looks like it is ready and willing to assist someone with their queries!
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Pendulum - Amethyst Pendulums (India)    [CPENAM]

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