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It's beautiful and bigger than I expected! I love it. Shipping time was great also. This is the 2nd time ordering, and will be ordering more in the future.
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I'm just getting into crystals! I have always loved them just now realizing just really how amazing they are.I'm so glad I found your site.I searched everywhere and really wasn't impressed. I seemed to have been intuitively drawn to your site time after time.I'm excited to receive my order.I wanted to start small until I learned a little more.I also really appreciate the fact that you send prayers and positive energy to the crystals before sending them to their new owner.I have yet to see that anywhere else that I have looked.I was so excited by that. I definately plan on ordering plenty more.Thanks for providing a very positive, high quality place to shop!!!!!! I love the prices too! Thanks again! Can't wait to shop for more!
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Pendants - Clear Quartz Heart Pendant    [JPQCHRT]

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