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Peach Agate is a peach crystal with bands of white, cream, and pink throughout. It's a variety of Botswana Agate, but can also be found in locations other than Botswana.

In addition to the properties that all Agates carry, such as self-acceptance, healing, and transformation, this Peach-colored variety of Agate helps heal and balance the Sacral Chakra. It has a gentle, nurturing energy that can quietly boost your creativity and help initiate transformation in your life.

Peach Agate is a wonderful stone for those looking for support with forgiveness.

Agate is formed with bands of microscopic quartz crystals. It is both a grounding and spiritual stone, allowing for one to bring their spiritual experiences into their everyday reality. Agate is also helpful in overcoming negative emotions by bringing love into the chakras. Although they work very slowly and deliberately, this gentle nature of Agate helps them to have a lasting impact. They carry a quiet energy that works on the subtle bodies and are great for achieving stability and balance in many aspects of one's life. Agates tend to work behind the scenes on the cause, instead of the symptom, of an issue.


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Physical and Metaphysical Properties for
Crystal Name:Peach Agate
Affirmation:I am calm and centered.
Question:Do you prefer gentle emotional release or confronting issues all at once?
Astrological Sign:Libra (September 23 to October 22), Scorpio (October 23 to November 21), Taurus (April 20 to May 20)
Primary Chakra:Heart Chakra
Secondary Chakra:Sacral Chakra
Color:Peach (light orange)
Hardness:7 Hardness
Chemical Composition:SiO2, Silicon Dioxide
Physical:Body Detox, Body Oxygenation, Brain Disorders and Health, General Health
Emotional:Anxiety, Creativity and Creative Expression, Eases Depression, Emotional Healing, Emotional Release
Spiritual:Amplifying, Angels/Archangels and Angelic Realm, Aura Protection, Cutting Etheric Cords
Extra Grade:Beautiful peach color with beautiful white banding, translucent, < 10% matrix
A Grade:Nice peach color with nice white banding, partially translucent, 10% - 25% matrix
B Grade:Poor peach color and/or poor white banding, opaque and/or > 25% matrix
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Posted on April 07, 2020
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