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Carnelian, Moonstone, Smokey Quartz, Mother of Pearl, Rose Quartz, Ruby—what do they have in common? They are so different in their color, look, feel, and energy, yet what unites them is that they all support the Divine Feminine in different ways. The term Divine Feminine here simply means honoring the feminine aspects of human nature that have been suppressed throughout the centuries because they were emphasized as “less”—less important, less valuable, less real, and less needed. Intuition, feelings, bodily awareness, self-worth, and being mindful of nature’s cycles, among other things, were shamed, hidden, and ignored. The consequences of this are serious. Everything natural that is repressed manifests itself eventually, but in ways that may be devastating—as blockages, pain, illness, or loss. This is evident if you look to nature for clues—or even if you look at the basic laws of physics. New medical evidence confirms this connection between inner and outer worlds, between feelings and bodies, thoughts and reality.

So what can you, today, do to change your life for the better? How can you begin to shift some of the patterns that for centuries have been affecting your ancestors, whose DNA you carry?  Both medical and spiritual advice come down to this: identifying and recognizing where you are right now and what you have repressed is the huge first step in healing. Many contend that this alone can shift your energetic field towards wellness.

This text presents several crystals and minerals that can help you with this shift. As always, follow your intuition and choose what resonates with you because there are many crystals that are beneficial for women.

Crystals to Restore the Divine Feminine: Carnelian

Tumbled Carnelian Cluster Bracelet

Carnelian can typically be found in many beautiful shades of orange and it is connected to the Sacral Chakra. For those new to the system of chakras you can read about it here. The Sacral Chakra is the seat of feminine energies—it is not accidental that it is called “sacral," for sacral = sacred. It governs female organs which are responsible for producing and giving life. Interestingly enough, it also governs creativity—creation in any realm of life! This shows how closely your sense of femininity, in the most elemental sense of this word, is connected with your creativity.

Carnelian is a wonderful, energy-giving crystal for fundamental issues. It supports healing physical issues such as PMS symptoms, sexual blocks, pregnancy and lower back pain (which is often a result of a blocked Sacral Chakra).

On an emotional level, if you feel that you have emphasized (or have been forced to emphasize) masculine elements of your nature throughout your life, Carnelian is a great stone to get you started with connecting to your feminine side. It is a quickly acting stone, so you may notice changes within a few days of wearing or carrying it. It will first start working on the level that was neglected the most—you could feel an urge to start dressing in a more feminine way (whatever that means for you), start writing poems, join a belly-dancing class, read more about spiritual or emotional aspects of your nature, become more at ease and more gentle in your expression of love, or many other things which might seem at first to come out of nowhere, but will fulfill a long-held and long-suppressed need in you.

It will increase your natural (and again maybe previously suppressed) radiance, so you might also find that wherever you go, people are attracted to you and offering to help you.  You might surprise yourself by accepting that offer, and accepting help from others.

At the same time, Carnelian is an excellent protective stone, blocking all outside influences that your mind or body find to be negative for your wellbeing by creating a strong shield around your body.

Crystals to Support the Divine Feminine: Moonstone

Tumbled Rainbow Moonstone

If Carnelian is a stone of day, making you feel vibrantly alive, opening you to the world, and inviting the world to see your brilliance, Moonstone is a stone of the night, making you turn inside, become more introspective, and private. It is thus recommended, at least in the first stages of familiarizing yourself with this crystal and learning to feel its energies, to carry it or wear it at home, in the evening, or at night before going to sleep.

While Carnelian represents the fire element, Moonstone represents the water element, so you may want to find some images of a moonlit sky and lake, waterfall, river, sea . . . whatever you are attracted to the most, and view that image whenever you need to withdraw from the world. It may be just a few minutes, it may be an hour, it may be a day. But you deserve time and space for yourself when you are not doing anything for anyone else, or anything practical, to just be in the moment.

Holding Moonstone in your hand and closing your eyes will open a meditative, quiet space inside of you and let you in on some wonderful secrets you may have been keeping from yourself—that you do indeed have beauty inside you, and that you do enjoy moments of quiet solitude, just you and your imagination. If you cannot set aside some time during the day, have some time before you go to bed at night, hold the Moonstone in your hand, gaze in its reflective surface, and relax. Imagine your beautiful place near water and let those beautiful dreams come to the forefront of your mind. Moonstone can support your imagination and help you relax into daydreaming and dreaming while sleeping.

Daydreaming—did you read right? Yes, you did. It is another important aspect of human life that we have been told is “less.” But think of this—everything that is created first had to be imagined! If you still need convincing; Albert Einstein daydreamed, and so did Leonardo da Vinci. They both acknowledged it as an absolutely necessary activity that supported their groundbreaking scientific discoveries.

On a physical level, if you suffer from hormonal imbalances or if you are entering menopause, Moonstone is ideal to gently bring everything into balance. Its gentle energy will support your body’s natural changes in a way that will create a sense of harmony and well-being. It is safe to wear or carry next to your skin every day.

It is also a wonderful stone for supporting pregnancy.

Recommendations for Cleansing Carnelian and Moonstone

While there are many ways to cleanse your crystals, here are my recommendations for the above-mentioned crystals:

  • Carnelian can be cleansed under running water for about 3-5 minutes and then in the sun for a few hours. Paler colors may fade in the sun, but generally Carnelian loves sunlight and is nicely charged by the sun.
  • Moonstone can be cleared under running water for a few minutes, then in the moonlight or next to a piece of Quartz crystal.


Now that you know how to restore the Divine Feminine, go ahead and click to read Part two about Smokey Quartz, Pearl, Ruby and Rose Quartz which works to support the divine feminine.


This is an article by Brana from Crystal Cosmopolitan

Posted on November 20, 2013

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