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Ostrich Animal Totem

This animal totem is Ostrich – Letting Go/Facing Truths, Cycle of Life, Groundedness/Spiritual Connections

A flightless bird, Ostrich represents being grounded. He can use his long neck to connect with a higher power or ethereal knowledge. Wisdom gathered from this information is grounded for practical use. He uses his wing for balance when he runs which this serves to remind you of the need to stay balanced as you move through your life. Ostrich is teaching you to balance your spiritual connections with your Mother Earth connections.

Ostrich is also showing you that it is time to clean house, your physical dwelling, your emotional baggage or both. Hoarding is often a result of an emotional trauma that keeps you stuck in place. Ostrich can help you sort out what is no longer useful in your life by gaining clarity and facing truths that are right before you. Often times when you think of Ostrich you picture him with his head stuck in the dirt. This symbolizes denial and avoidance. Why do you avoid the things you do? You can only gain clarity when you face the fear and acknowledge your truth and take the time to digest this thoroughly so that when you release whatever, you have released it permanently. To move forward in life you need to let go of that which is no longer fitting,  

For indigenous people of Africa, Ostrich is an important food source. Bushmen saw the life cycle of the egg/Ostrich as a metaphor for death and rebirth. Similar to the mythology of the Phoenix, Bushmen believed that when they ate an Ostrich they would take some of its feathers and place them in the bushes, believing that a new Ostrich would resurrect from the feathers. Life and Death are interconnected. When you release your fears, those things that you deny or avoid, you are allowing yourself to be reborn. Life and Death cycle is not just about the physical birth and death; it is about all of the smaller transformations that occur within your life and elevating your spiritual self.

Crystals to help remind you of Ostrich’s teachings are:

Letting Go/Facing Truths:

Cycle of Life:

Groundedness/Spiritual Connections:


By Susan Jolley

Posted on February 09, 2016
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