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This month, we continue our series on the Platonic Solids.  Below is an article on the first platonic solid; the Tetrahedron.  In addition, we also have a second article on the Star Tetrahedron or Merkaba (Merkabah)!  It makes for a long newsletter, but hopefully you will enjoy all of the information.


Physical Qualities of the Tetrahedron
The Tetrahedron, also called the Triangular Pyramid, is the first of the five Platonic Solid shapes.  It contains 4 triangular faces, 4 vertices and 6 edges.  The simplest of the Platonic Solids, the Tetrahedron means "with four planes".  In the case of a Tetrahedron, the base is also a triangle, so any of the four faces can be considered the base.

Tetrahedron - Fire Element

Tetrahedron - Platonic Solid

Platonic Solids
Platonic Solids are a set of five, three dimensional, shapes that date back to the Greek mathematician Pythagoras and later named after the Greek Philosopher Plato.  The Tetrahedron, Cube, Octahedron, Dodecahedron and Icosahedron each have unique characteristics, in that the sides, edges and angles are all congruent.  In other words, all sides are equal, the angles are the same and the faces are identical.

It was the great Greek Philosopher, Plato, who paired each of the platonic solids with a classical element (fire, earth, water, air, and ethers/Universe).  He believed that these three dimensional shapes were the building blocks to the creation of everything in and around us.  If you view a 3-D model of any of the elements contained in the periodic tables, you will see that each has a crystalline structure at the Atomic level made up of these Platonic Solids shapes.  

Metaphysical aspects of the Tetrahedron
The Tetrahedron represents the Fire Element and is linked to the Solar Plexus, which is the center for personal power, acceptance, and a natural balance between the physical and the spiritual.  Each side sits flat, no matter how it is turned, making it the perfect symbol for balance and stability.

This Platonic Solid has unlimited uses for healing, manifestation, grid and/or energy work.  The most common application is to focus the energy into each of the three corners, which will combine into one powerful, concentrated stream that flows upward to the top point.  

Suggested Metaphysical Uses for the Tetrahedron
You can try this yourself.  Build a small manifestation grid using a Tetrahedron in the middle and three quartz points, each point facing directly at a base corner.  Place items that validate your intent around the three quartz points and be still.  Visualize these energies concentrating into a strong, single stream projecting out of the top point and into the Universal Consciousness.  

Or try the reverse, by sitting the Tetrahedron in the middle of your grid and placing three quartz points away from the base corners.  The energy in this case will be drawn into the top point as a single ray and distributed equally out of the three base points.  This will fill the entire sacred space or healing area with the smooth energies of balance and stability.  

The Tetrahedron is a wonderful tool to use whether you are directing energy away from or towards a specific area.  It can also be used to access information and gain knowledge by going within the crystal itself.

Sit the Tetrahedron on a table at eye level and focus all of your attention into the crystal.  You may even want to visualize opening the door and walking inside.  Be still, pay attention.  This is an amazing way to acquire the knowledge and information this shape holds specifically for you.  

If you are new to crystals and want to experience the energies of the Tetrahedron, simply place it in your hand and focus.  You may feel a tingling sensation or a sense of heat or cold.  You may feel nothing on a physical level, but get a mental impression or picture. You may just feel a sense of peace and calm.  Again, pay attention to this carefully as you absorb the energy from this amazing shape and get to know your Tetrahedron.  Each experience will be as unique as the shape itself.

Closing Comments for the Tetrahedron
So while the Tetrahedron may be considered the simplest of the Platonic Solids, it most definitely is one of the easiest and most versatile to use.  

Click Here to see our selection of crystal Tetrahedrons.

Next, we present a Double Tetrahedron or "Star Tetrahedron", also known as the Merkaba (Merkabah).


In order to understand exactly what significance the Star Tetrahedron plays in our reality, we must first have a general understanding of its creation.  

Physical Qualities of the Star Tetrahedron
The Star Tetrahedron is a pattern found in Sacred Geometry.  Sacred Geometry is an amazing and complex system of sacred universal patterns that are found in the design of everything from the architecture of sacred spaces such as temples, monuments and altars, to music and art, such as Labyrinths and Mandalas.  

The Star Tetrahedron, also called a Double Tetrahedron, is made up of two interlocking Tetrahedrons.  A Tetrahedron is the first and simplest of the five Platonic Solid shapes. Each face is an identical triangle, each side is equal, and the angles are the same.  These two interlocking Tetrahedrons form a three dimensional Star of David.  

Star Tetrahedron - Merkaba (Merkabah)

Tetrahedron - Platonic Solid

The Star Tetrahedron is the geometric and energetic representation of the human body, heaven and earth, male and female, also called the Merkaba.  The Egyptian word, Merkaba, can be broken down in order to understand the concept more clearly.  "Mer" is translated into the word “Light”.  “Ka” would refer to the spirit and “Ba” (in this reality) refers to the physical being or body.  

Many believe that the Merkaba represents the shape of our energy system in upper dimensions.  By meditating on the Merkaba, you can more easily connect with your Higher Self and this can help to align your spiritual, mental, emotional and physical bodies.  

Metaphysical Aspects of the Merkaba/Star Tetrahedron
The Merkaba Star Tetrahedron is an amazing and powerful tool, especially during these current times of shifts and transitions.  It can assist in the connection between the physical and ethereal bodies, allow us to see the psychological patterns and programs that may limit us, and is a constant reminder to remember our true, loving and divine nature. By meditating on the Merkaba Star Tetrahedron we are able to merge with Source, the Divine, All that is.

Suggested Metaphysical Uses of the Merkaba/Star Tetrahedron
Hold a Merkaba Star Tetrahedron when in meditation or prayer.  Using the Star Tetrahedron in this way reminds us that we are not limited to this single physical body, but are multidimensional beings with no limits.  The Star Tetrahedron allows us to keep this type of awareness within our consciousness as we go about our day.

Many Merkaba Star Tetrahedrons come in the form of pendants, which are perfect to maintain the your energy field in this state of awareness.

Merkaba Star Tetrahedrons are available in a variety of crystals and minerals, which allows you to choose one that will work for the issues you would like to concentrate on.

Try a Green Aventurine Star Tetrahedron to specifically clear and heal Heart issues.  

A Rose Quartz Star Tetrahedron would be an amazing tool to bring Divine, Universal Love into the physical field.  It also is a wonderful reminder of our true nature.
Choose a White Jasper or Yin/Yang combination (white/black) Star Tetrahedron to connect with Universal energies.

Bloodstone or Moss Agate Star Tetrahedrons would assist in healing, either individual or in a group.  Place a Merkaba Star Tetrahedron in the middle of a healing circle for a balance of healing energies.

Click Here to see our selection of Crystal Merkabas (Merkabahs).

The Merkaba Star Tetrahedron is a powerful and unique tool with amazing energy vibrations. Whether you choose to take a Flower of Life course or self-study, this is definitely a piece you want to work with.  Its uses are limitless, just another reminder that we too, are limitless in nature.

Written by Kristi Huggins
Author for Healing Crystals

Flower of Life Research, LLC
The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life, Volume One by Drunvalo Melchizedek
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Posted on October 15, 2008

  Love your website! Keep up the good work!

Angel Blessings, Hugs and Love Always,
Arlene  (Submitted by: Arlene on May 25, 2013)
  I really enjoyed the article on the merkaba. It was ver yimformative. I had thought the merkaba itself resonated with the ether element. is this true? debbie9  (Submitted by: debbie 9 on April 09, 2010)
  My knowledge of Platonic solids and the Merkaba is quite limited, but I can share what I feel to be true for me :)

Plato associated an element with each of the five platonic solids.

Cube – Earth
Tetrahedron - Fire
Octahedron – Air
Icosahedron - Water
Dodecahedron – Ethers (Universe)

From what I understand, the Merkaba is a star tetrahedron which would carry the element of Fire. However the Merkaba does represent creation (Male/female)--that singular moment when conception occurs on every level (physical, emotional, spiritual, etc). With that being the case, I would say that the Merkaba definitely has ties with universal life force energy which created all elements. Does that make sense?

with love and crystal blessings,
kristi  (Submitted by: Kristi on April 11, 2010)

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