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NOVEMBER 2009 NEWSLETTER - All about Jasper

Many times, "Jasper" and "Agate" are used  interchangably to define a stone, however, this could not be further from the truth.

Trditionally, Jasper is defined as "A dense, opaque, microcrystalline variety of  Quartz (SiO2 Silicon Dioxide), which is usually red, brown or yellow and coloured by  oxides of iron."   A  microcrystalline material is defined as a crystallized substance or rock which contains  small crystals that are visible only through microscopic examination. Wikipedia

While Agate is defined as a fibrous cryptocrystalline variety of Quartz (SiO2 Silicon  Dioxide). Cryptocrystalline is identified as a "rock texture which is so finely  crystalline, being made up of such minute crystals, that its crystalline nature is only  vaguely revealed even microscopically in thin section by transmitted polarized  light." Wikipedia Agates can be  semitransparent to opaque.

Where does Jasper come from?

Jaspers, in general, are common World wide. Jasper can be found in India, Brazil, and the  USA among others. However, many varieties are limited to specific areas. For instance,  Banded Jasper, more correctly identified as Riband Jasper is a type of banded Jasper found  only in Arizona and Kansas, USA or  Zebra Jasper, also called Mookaite  Jasper, as you will later see is not really a Jasper at all, is only found in a  specific area of Western Australia. There are many other Jaspers that are named  specifially after the location in which they were found such as Biggs Jasper from Biggs,  Oregon.

Jasper Identification

Jasper is an opaque stone (meaning you cannot see through it even when placed in front of  a light source) in hues of Red, Yellow  and Brown.  Many Jaspers have orb like patterns (like Ocean Jasper) or banded (like Rainbow Jasper).  The color of Jaspers come from iron oxide inclusions.
Various Types of Jasper

Biggs Jasper from Biggs, Oregon
Blood Jasper  aka Bloodstone is one of those stones that is not even agreed upon by the geological  community. Many say it is a dark green to greenish-blue Chalcedony with small red  blood-like spots. Others say that Chalcedony is translucent while Jasper is opaque. So for  our purposes, we will consider this a Jasper.
Brecciated  Jasper-Brecciated Jasper is a type of Jasper that was broken geologically as it grew.  These broken areas and veins were filled in with Quartz.
Bruneau Jasper aka Porcelain Jasper-Red, Brown and/or Cream in beautiful patterns and  swirls.(Bruneau Canyon/River, Idaho)
Cave Creek Jasper - Bright Red Jasper from Maricopa Co., Arizona
Ocean Jasper aka Orbicular Jasper aka Ocean Agate is the name given to a highly silicified  Rhyolite or tuff that has Quartz and Feldspar crystallized into a collection of  needle-like crystals which radiate outwards in order to form circular orbs or spheres.  Ocean Jasper is currently only located in Madagascar and the USA.
Leopardskin  Jasper is a type of Orbicular Jasper. Normally tan to pink with dark brown to black  circular orbs.
Ochoco Jasper - Ochoco Lake, Oregon
Owyhee Jasper - Owyhee River gorge (Malheur Co.), Oregon.
Picture Jasper- a tan colored Jasper with darker brown to black lines and swirls
Poppy Jasper is also a type of Orbicular Jasper. Normally, Poppy Jasper is red, orange or  yellow with red circular orbs.
Rainbow Jasper is a type of banded (Riband) Jasper
Starry Jasper is Red Jasper with pyrite inclusions, which appear as tiny sparkling stars.
Stone Canyon Jasper which is a type of Brecciated Jasper from Stone Canyon, California.
Zebra  Jasper-a dark brown Jasper with tan to off white streaks which is only found in India  and South Africa.

Mookaite Jasper  is not a Jasper or a Chalcedony at all! Mookaite is actually a local, unofficial name  given to a type of silicified porcelainite found only in a specific geological formation  (known as the Windalia Rediolarite) in Western Australia. While Mookaite can be  incorrectly identified as either a Chirt, a Chalcedony or an Opalite, it seems that due to  its geological make up the term Mookaite Jasper is widely accepted and a lot simpler!

Other Jaspers, like Morgan Hill Poppy Jasper, are named from the locality in which they  are found (Morgan Hill, CA). Still others are named after the primary color of the Jasper  such as Red  Jasper, Yellow  Jasper, or Brown  Jasper.

Metaphysical Properties of Jasper

"Known as the 'Supreme Nurturer', Jasper sustains and supports during times of stress  and unifies all aspects of life. this stone facilitates Shamanic journeys, dowsing, and  dream recall. Providing protection, it absorbs negative energy, balances yin and yang, and  aligns the physical, emotional, and mental bodies with the etheric realms.

Bringing the courage to get to grips with problems assertively, and encouraging honesty  with oneself, Jasper imparts determination to all pursuits and supports during necessary  conflict. this stone aids quick thinking, promotes organizational abilities and seeing  projects through, and stimulates imagination, transforming thoughts into action."  Judy Hall, The Encyclopedia of Crystals


Jaspers are an opaque mass of swirls, bands, and orbs located in a variety of places  around the world.  Jaspers help us to connect to Mother Earth, grounding, balancing  and centering. Jaspers are an important tool to use in all aspects of spiritual growth.  The variety and affordability of Jaspers make it easy to use them in all types of healing  modalities, meditation, crystal grids, or altars to Mother Earth and the changing of the  seasons. They are also fascinating to look at. I highly suggest having a few Jaspers in  your collection. They work well alone or with other crystals. 

Written by Kristi Huggins
Author and Project  Manager for Healing Crystals

P.S.  Shawn & Cynthia at Healing Crystals just adopted a dog this week  and guess what they named him?.......Jasper  :-)


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Posted on November 15, 2009

  I saw on the site that people usually reply to these to ask a question, so I hope this is okay! D: I've been very drawn to Lemurian Star Seed Quartz crystals and finally got one for my eighteenth birthday online. I was just wondering, are there any other sites of your staff's knowledge that go more into detail about varieties of ways to USE crystals rather than JUST the general information and properties? Or possibly a site with online chatting? I'm sorry. I've always been attracted to crystals and while finally deciding to start meditation to relieve stress, and googling ways of meditating, I stumbled across the metaphysical dynamics to crystals. And the reason why I was for so long attracted to crystals finally and suddenly resonated with me. Though I've stuffed myself full of knowledge over the past 3 weeks, I'm still very new to this and would like all of the helpful resources I can get! Thank you. :3 - Trent M. (DigiX101)  (Submitted by: Trent on December 02, 2009)

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