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Healing Crystals JCHAINL JCHAINL
Inexpensive and very poor quality. Mine arrived with tarnished, crooked clasps that did not look as if they would hold up to use. Not worth the cost of shipping. Hard pass on this one.
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Great item, strong clasps, perfect!
5 5
I just received my 3 cords today as you said I would. They look like they will hold up nicely with the pendants I also purchased.
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I received my necklace in excellent condition. Thank you all at Healing Crystals. You deserve a five star rating. Love and Light Castra
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This cord comes with a clasp (about as secure as a paper clip!) A good way to lose your prized pendants; I'm afraid the whole cord and stone will fall off during any activety, so until I buy a quality necklace I'm just placing my crystals in the leather pouch they give as a free gift. I wish someone had posted a comment about this garbage. Bless you on your journey.
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I purchased one when I first started ordering. Still have it.
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Necklaces - Leather Cord (India)    [JCHAINL]

Instock $ 2023-09-25
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