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From: bill
Sent: Saturday, March 01, 2008 1:04 PM
Subject: Inquiry from - Discount Prices on Healing Crystals, Minerals & Tumbled Stones


I was looking at your Amethyst, crystal pendant { double terminated}.
Apon reading some articles, I am told that double sided crystals are tricky because they can draw energy out of a person as well as give it??  Is this true from your experience?  My pendants that I own are single ended.



Dear Bill~

Thank you for submitting your question regarding Double Terminated Crystals.  Unlike Single Terminated Crystals that grow out of rock, Double Terminated Crystals form in clay, which is a much softer medium which allows the crystal to form two points instead of just one.   While Single Terminated Crystals focus and amplify energy in one direction, Double Terminated Crystals are known to simultaneously absorb and transmit energy in both directions.  This property can be used for multiple purposes.  Intention is key whenever one is working with crystals, so please keep this in mind as you read the information below.

Where a Single Terminated Crystal can send energy or chi from one chakra to the next, the Double Terminated Crystal has the capacity of exchanging energy between the chakras, clearing out blockages and bringing in a greater balance and stability.  Placing a Double Terminated Crystal somewhere in between the Third-Eye and Throat Chakras, for example, will help one to learn how to express intuitive insights to others.  This double-directional transfer of energy can also introduce or enhance stability in all the subtle energy systems of the body.  The Double Terminated Crystal can also help one to find balance in the world as well.  

Another great use for the Double Terminated Crystal is balancing energies between two people.  This is especially effective in personal relationships that are experiencing conflict.  Meditations can be done with a willing partner, placing the Double Terminated Crystal between you both, to transfer energies back and forth.  This effect will help to enhance empathy, compassion, and understanding between the two parties, as long as both are truly interested in the resolution of conflicts.  This process may also enhance the bond experienced between two people.

Double Terminated Crystals can also help those who are struggling with internal and external paradoxes to find the balance between these so-called opposites.  Meditation with a Double Terminated Crystal on the Crown or Third-Eye Chakra will help to bring a recognition of the purpose for any troubling contradictions one might be encountering, and will also aid in the resolution of those conflicts with an understanding that they are two parts of the whole.  Double Terminated Crystals will balance the yin and yang energies, and the left and right hemispheres of the brain.  

One thing to consider regarding your question is that it is not healthy to always pull energies in, and that there should be a regular give and take of energies, just as there is a regular exchange of air during breathing.  This ensures that energies taken in do not stagnate in the subtle bodies, and eventually transmute into a negative vibration.  Also, there must be a release of old energies in order to make room for new, incoming energies.  

I want to express that a Double Terminated Crystal Pendant would be worn in the up and down position, which will naturally move chi in an up and down motion, and not away or toward you.  A pendant of this type will act to enhance the movement of energy between the chakras, helping to clear away blockages and enhance flow.  If you currently wear a Single Terminated Crystal, it is most likely drawing energy in one direction, so if points down, for example, it will be pulling energy down from your upper chakras, into your lower chakras.  This is not necessarily a bad thing, if you are wanting to bring intuition or insights from the Crown and Third-Eye Chakras down into the Heart, for example.  However, you might want to reverse this at some point, so you don't end up with a back up in the lower chakras later.

Before initiating any work with Double Terminated Crystals, or any crystals for that matter, it is important to remember to clear them, and set an intention in advance.  This is done by cleansing and then programming the crystal with your desires before it is used for your purpose.  This would include the Double Terminated Crystal that is to be worn as a pendant or kept in a pocket.  If you would like more information on these and other subjects, please take a look at our newsletter archive of articles here:

I hope this information helps.  Please feel free to write again if you have any more questions.

Peace and Blessings,

~Crystal CAT

Posted on March 03, 2008

  Interesting good to know  (Submitted by: Gerardo on June 16, 2017)
  Hi, I read what you wrote about double and single terminated crystals and the way they point ect... I have 2 medium small single point crystals. One is a clear quartz and the other is a lithium quartz, not clear at all, so I assume it has a lot of lithium. I got it because I am bipolar, but anyway, my question is this, I got to thinking about what you said about how double terminated quartz sends and receives energy, and since I only have 2 single ones at the moment, I thought maybe I could tape them together to create a double or at least send energy in one direction and receive it from the other. I came to this conclusion that it might work because on another site it showed how to heal with crystals, saying the healer has 2 crystals, in one hand the point going up toward the fingers and the other hand the point facing downwards, What do you think? Can you send and receive energy by taping 2 crystals together, keep in mind that one is lithium quartz and has plenty of lithium, the other is clear quartz. I don't know I just had some weird theory that taping or fusing them together would work in sending and receiving energy like a double terminated crystal. I just want to balance out my aura and energy and strengthen my aura while relieving my bipolar ailment. I will probably buy a double terminated lithium quartz soon. I have a small double crystal, but I started leaving that in my drinking water so the water I drank would be healthier. Sorry for the long post, I am new to crystal healing, I had collected a few pieces but did not really use them for healing. anyway, thanks for your time.  (Submitted by: beautifullylost on October 18, 2010)

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