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More Crystals for 2013:  Time for a Re-do

By Tara Mideaker


A new year is always met with enthusiasm and expectations.  We are confident that this is the year that everything is going to be different.  That all changes so quickly when things do not go as expected.  We did not make the changes that we promised we would or see the results that we hoped for.  While the year may be new we suspect that we may be stuck in the same old attitudes and patterns.   Fortunately, the Universe, in its great wisdom, offers us the season of spring, when we are surrounded with renewal and regeneration.  The zodiac follows earth’s example and provides us with an array of exciting energy that can help you to get un-stuck. Here is an overview of what you can expect in the second quarter of 2013.


The first full month of spring begins with Pluto turning retrograde and ends with some tense oppositions and a partial Eclipse.

Pluto's effects are actually more beneficial in retrograde motion.  As the planet of death and rebirth, Pluto encourages you to go within and deal with those things that may be holding you back.  This is very intense energy that will help you to break destructive cycles and rebuild new patterns.  You have until September, so take your time.  Brecciated Jasper lets you release while Serpentine fills the void.

Venus and Mars are both opposite Saturn later in the month and that could inhibit you physically and emotionally.   Venus and Saturn heighten practical matters over emotional showing us that love may not be enough.   Rhodonite will let you know that it is OK to follow your heart and Snowflake Obsidian will ease the stress when you are met with challenges along that path.  Saturn blocks forthright Mars and responsibilities could get in the way when we just want to do our own thing.  Howlite will avoid frustration and resentment, while Lapis Lazuli shows you how to do it all.

April 25th brings a Partial Lunar Eclipse followed by two more Eclipses in May.  You can see what those mean for you later in the article.


Who doesn’t love May when everything is blooming! The Sun moves into Gemini and sets us off and running.  Maybe Gemini is represented by “The Twins” because there is too much going on for one to handle alone.  This Air sign keeps us mentally alert and busy as we are called to gather information and seek as much knowledge about everything as we possibly can.  At the same time we are physically drawn towards constant activity and finding outlets for our new-found energy.  This is not a time to sit at home but a time to get out and explore.  Carry Leopardskin Jasper and Orange Calcite to really make the most of it.

At the same time there is a Uranus/Pluto square that could make you feel dissatisfied with everything.  Do not despair because that dissatisfaction is going to propel you forward and help you to make necessary changes.  If you let it, this transit could be a major experience that will let you see everything in a new light.  Remember that Pluto is retrograde and this will add to the intensity.  Unakite will help.


Retrogrades dominate June as Neptune, Chiron and Mercury all beg you to consider your inner processes.  Neptune will make you more sensitive to your surroundings and their energies along with your own intuitive qualities.  Mercury will react as it always does so take the usual precautions.  Chiron offers the potential for past hurts to resurface.  No one likes revisiting those painful moments but that is how we heal them and move on forever.  Seraphinite can give you strength when you need it and show you why it will all turn out better than before.

A Neptune/Mars Square on June 7th could bring about delusions.  The urge to dominate situations is a result of a Pluto/Mars Square on June 15th and a Chiron/Mars Square on June 19th could make you too defensive.  Blue Topaz will tone down the energies of these transits.

The Summer Solstice occurs as the Sun moves into emotional Cancer on June 20th (or June 21st depending on your time zone) and the focus is squarely on family.  Whether it is by blood, choice or necessity, your various families will provide essential emotional support and nurturing.  It is time to grow and there will be no going back.  Not that you will want to!  Tangerine Quartz and Strawberry Quartz let you feel this energy.


On April 25th we will have a partial Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio followed by a Solar Eclipse in Taurus on May 9th and then another Full Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius May 24-25th.  What is the most important thing to know about Eclipses?  Something is going to change because that is what Eclipses do!  They shake the walls, rock your world and will leave you with a whole new situation once the dust settles.

The partial Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio will challenge you to uncover what you are hiding from yourself.  Spinel will help you face your fears and release yourself from what is holding you back.

The Solar Eclipse in Taurus follows up by asking you to examine your values and what is really important to you.  You will be left wondering why you are wasting your time on do anything that does not support those values.  Aragonite will let you bring truths to the surface.


Finally the Sagittarius Lunar Eclipse brings it all home with energy that gives you the strength to let go of what you are not.  When you are left with who you really are then you can begin to align your actions with your purpose and find that elusive balance. Tanzanite will help.

Remember to check the daily Crystal Horoscope on Healing and our Facebook page and check back in June to see what will be next for 2013.  I’ll give you a sneak peak….Grand Trine in July! 

Posted on January 26, 2016
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