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                                      Moldavite, the Gemstone from Outer Space!

By Nikki Boatright


Moldavite is a form of Tektite, a natural green glass which was formed over 15 million years ago when meteorites struck the earth over the Moldau Valley of the Czech Republic. It was once believed to have been associated with the Holy Grail (that was the green stone in the Holy Grail). It is often still referred to as "The Grail Stone.”

Moldavite is found in many different color hues between brown and green. The most prized is the deeply grooved and clear green pieces. It has been prized since the Stone Age and was used for arrowheads and cutting tools. It was used as a spiritual talisman and amulet of good fortune, fertility and protection. It was found in the archeological site of the Venus of Willendorf, the oldest known Goddess statue.

Moldavite is one of the oldest known minerals. It is a very high vibrational, magical and spiritual stone. Some people believe that Moldavite helps to awaken and accelerate spiritual awareness and cosmic consciousness. Spiritually, it is considered the most powerful stone. One of its metaphysical properties is aiding in communication with your spiritual guides; some people believe it helps in communicating with extraterrestrials too.

Because of Moldavite’s intense energy, even those not usually sensitive to the energies of stones can often feel the energy of Moldavite. Holding, wearing, or even being near Moldavite can produce some intense reactions and experiences. Most often people experience hot flashes or can feel heat emanating from the stone, first felt in the hand then emanating throughout the body. You may also experience energy jolts or vibrations while holding, wearing, or even just being around the stone. Since Moldavite has such a high vibrational energy, having too much exposure to it can leave you feeling drained as your vibrational energy may try to keep up. Moldavite can be very intimidating for anybody experiencing its energy for the first time. It is a good idea to slowly get used to wearing it or you may experience lightheadedness or lack of grounding.

Moldavite is known and prized for its many metaphysical properties. It can activate any of the chakras. Its vibrations focus in areas where there are blockages. It enhances and accelerates the benefits of almost any other stone. Moldavite is an excellent tool for self-healing, clearing blockages and opening the meridians.

It is a stone of healing for oneself as well as for the planet. It is said to aid in aligning ourselves with our spiritual path and personal enlightenment, connecting us with our divine plan. Moldavite aids in inner-growth and evolution of our consciousness at a very fast rate and brings a balance to our mind, body and spirit. Moldavite is an excellent stone to use to assist in astral travel and in the communication with spirit guides. Moldavite also assists in past life regression and it can help you to see into the future. Intuitive abilities often become stronger when wearing/carrying Moldavite, so it’s an excellent stone to work with if you are looking to develop your psychic abilities.

Moldavite helps individuals change their perspectives and circumstances, helping people have an easier time letting go of old energy thoughts, and the clearing away of emotional scars and trauma. Moldavite is a very powerful stone to assist in healing work. Sometimes there may be an immediate and powerful effect in the healing process. It helps in awakening consciousness to its healing abilities. Moldavite helps you to develop unconditional love for yourself and others. It can make emotions more intense; it’s best to use Moldavite for healing purposes only when you are already healthy and fairly balanced.

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Posted on January 26, 2016

    (Submitted by: JustAs on February 23, 2017)
  excellent article on moldavite. I've been working with it for years and found it very powerful! Keep spreading the good info on this fabulous stone!  (Submitted by: jey on November 20, 2016)

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