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Mockingbird Animal Totem

This animal totem is Mockingbird - Fearlessness, Non-Judgement, Finding Your Sacred Song

Mockingbird is fearless about defending his territory. He will dive at and attack anything that  trespasses. Mockingbird is teaching you to show self confidence, speak your truth, and to stand up for what is yours by right. Acknowledge your innate abilities, and fearlessly follow your soul purpose.

Mockingbird does not sport colorful plumage, but he does have one of the prettiest vocalizations (although his vocalizations are not specific to his species). He is asking you to look at others for their talents and not their appearance. Release your tendency to judge a book by its cover. Everything in life is but another lesson to learn and grow.

Unlike other birds, Mockingbird's vocalizations are a combination of the calls of many birds. Mockingbird in Latin means "many tongued mimic," and he is well known for his ability to copy the calls of not only other birds but cats and dogs as well. This represents your ability to own and use other people's information as your own, which can be an incredibly powerful or incredibly debilitating ability. He is warning you not to get so caught up in someone else's knowledge, wisdom and information that you begin to forget your own information. This is Mockingbird's medicine - Follow your own path, create your own song from all that you know and have experienced, sing it forth and do so in a way that it is harmonious for you and your life. Remember your inner song is never lost. It is always there. Trust your instincts and use your intuition to find it and call it forth.

Crystals to help you remember Mockingbird's medicine are:



Finding Your Sacred Song:


By Susan Jolley

Posted on March 29, 2016

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