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Mini Chakra & Crystal Workshops by Brana Crystal Cosmopolitan

These mini workshops are envisioned as a beginner’s guide to working with crystals and Chakras.

If you are not familiar with the Chakras, please first take a look at the following video and an article

Introduction to Chakras:

Because some of these exercises can cause sleepiness in some people, it is best to do them in the evening, or when you have enough time to fall asleep, if you feel like it.


1) Have two black and two red crystals from your crystal collection ready (choose them intuitively).

2) Lie down and take your first black crystal and place it at your root chakra (see the video below for explanation). Relax and breathe deeply, making sure you take your time for the breathing out part.

3) See if you can notice any sensations, either in your root chakra, or in your whole body. Notice if you start thinking about something. Remain like that for about 5 to 10 minutes, or however long is comfortable and then

4) write down your impressions.

5) Repeat this with all your crystals individually.

6) Then compare notes and see which one you felt the strongest.

Repeat this exercise at another time and see if you get the same results.

This should give you some idea as to what your go-to crystals can be for restoring your physical energy on days when you feel you need it. This can be very individual and some people find that a combination of crystals works well for them, so feel free to experiment and put different black and red crystals together to find your ideal mix! Enjoy the process!


While sacral chakra governs many different issues, in this mini workshop we will focus only on one—creativity!

 1) Take a Carnelian crystal, lie down, and place it on your sacral chakra. Relax and breathe deeply, making sure you take your time for the breathing out part.

 2) Ask “How can I be more creative?” or “What other solutions are there for ______________” (whatever project you are already working on) . Remain lying down for at least 10 minutes.

 3) If you get any thoughts or images, write them down. If you don’t get any messages, pay attention what happens in your dreams, or throughout the day the following day.

 5) Repeat this with Orange Calcite the next day

 6) Then compare notes on the third day and see which one gave you stronger messages.

This should give you some idea as to what your go-to crystals can be for getting you out of your routine on days when you feel you need it. Then you can wear either one of those crystals as jewelry or have it in your pocket all day for balancing your creative flow. Enjoy the process!


The Solar Plexus Chakra is the place where many people hold stress—anxiety, worry, anger –so clearing this chakra regularly is very important. The exercise below provides one quick way to do this:

1) Take Citrine or Honey Calcite, lie down, and place the crystals on your Solar Plexus Chakra. As you are breathing slowly in and out, visualize all your worries, anxiety, or anger, or even just any uneasy feeling that you sense rising up from this chakra and into the crystal to be transmuted (like through a prism) and sent out of your body and into the Light to be handled in the most beneficial way for you (this can work with any of your personal beliefs, and you can phrase it any way you like).

2) Do this as long as it feels comfortable or as long as you feel you need it—you will sense intuitively when you had enough

3) Remember to cleanse your crystals when you are done (could be done the next day if you do this at night and fall asleep right after

4) If you feel that this exercise has brought up a lot of things for you, a great way to deal with that is to take a pen and paper and write until you have written all that you needed to say.



I will open this workshop from two quotes from Rachel Niemczyk’s article (linked above):

As much as the Heart Chakra tells us about ourselves and our own willingness to open up to the world or hide from it, its energy also lets the people around us know, on an energetic level, how much we are willing to give or receive. The state of a person’s Heart Chakra can inform you of how receptive they are to emotional interactions.”

This brief exercise might help open and balance your Heart Chakra, especially if done regularly over a period of time:

1) Take Green Aventurine and Rose Quartz, lie down, take three deep breaths, and feel your body relaxing. Place one Green Aventurine and one Rose Quartz on your Heart Chakra

2) Close your eyes and imagine beautiful green and pink lights entering your aura . . . in your imagination play with the intensity and nuances of color until you reach your perfect blend JEnjoy yourself in your personal Light Spa for as long as you feel comfortable

3) if this exercise brings up strong emotions or memories, write them down or cry if you need to and then continue on with imagining the healing lights purifying and comforting you.

You can try this exercise on different days with a variety of green and pink crystals, to see which combination seems to work best for your particular emotional makeup.



There are many ways to maintain a healthy and balanced Throat Chakra and one of the easy ways to do this is to sing, whether you have a “singing voice” or only let yourself sing in the shower.

For this exercise, take Chrysocolla, Turquoise, or Blue Lace Agate and sing to your heart’s content when you know you won’t be interrupted or overheard.

It is important to sing a made-up song that is your expression of whatever you are feeling in that moment. You can try this with these three stones in succession, to see what kinds of songs you make up with each one.

If you notice some emotional themes coming up, write them down.

If you feel like crying—feel free to cry and let it all out.

If you feel like screaming—do that . . .

Express yourself freely and without restraint . . . and then soothe yourself with your voice again . . . This can be a very therapeutic exercise in itself and it may also help with any healing work/therapy you are already doing.


It is ESSENTIAL to work on all the other chakras first, and especially to make sure that the Root Chakra is balanced, before working on the Third Eye Chakra!

I’d like to open this workshop with a quote from our article of the day, The Third-Eye Chakra Crystals, by CrystalCAT (referenced above):

“From the Third-Eye Chakra comes intuition, imagination, insight, dreams, and intellect.  A healthy functioning Third-Eye Chakra allows one to have healthy detachment, mental clarity, knowledge of the connection to others, an ability to see the big picture (lateral thinking), an ability to visualize desires, and sometimes, active psychic abilities.”

Please read the article for more information on this chakra and more suggestions on how to work on clearing it.

For this exercise I suggest using the Purple Fluorite, although any indigo or blue crystal you are drawn to, as well as the additional crystals listed in the article, might work well also.

1) Close your eyes and imagine yourself in a beautiful place, where you are protected and safe.

2) Hold the Purple Fluorite in your non-dominant hand or place it on the Third-Eye chakra (between the brows).

(Many people like to put crystals directly on their Third-Eye chakra but for some this may be an uncomfortable experience. It is perfectly fine to balance this chakra by holding the crystal in your hand and focusing your attention on the Third-Eye Chakra)

3) Relax and breathe slowly . . . please have no expectations that you will see anything out of the ordinary . . . this might delay the process . . . just relax and breathe . . .

4) Imagine gentle purple light surrounding you and ask “What do I need to see/know now, for my highest good?”

5) If you get a message, write it down, even if you don’t understand what it means at the moment.


Our Crown Chakra provides our connection to the Divine & Universal energy and assists us in fulfilling our highest spiritual potential. Frequent frustration with life circumstances, lack of trust in Divine guidance/support or life devoid of joy may indicate an imbalance in this Chakra, and very likely, in other chakras throughout the body.

The Chakras or energy centers in our body are all connected and this is why it is important to clear and balance all of them—a block in one may cause another to overwork and overextend its energy as a way of compensation.

Like with any physical or spiritual practice, regular work with chakras leads to stronger results.

1) Close your eyes and imagine yourself in a beautiful place, where you are protected and safe.

2) Hold a double-terminated Clear Quartz in your non-dominant hand or place it on the Crown chakra (on top of the head).

3) Relax and breathe slowly . . . and imagine beautiful White Light surrounding you and think of the words Love, Joy, Happiness, Peace, Support, Divine guidance . . .

4) Feel how the double terminated Clear Quartz amplifies those words on an energetic level, sends them out to the Universe and then, amplified, back to you . . .

Do this as long as is comfortable and enjoy it!

Posted on August 12, 2013

  Really helpful as a crystal novice. Thank you so much  (Submitted by: Pat on April 26, 2014)

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