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Metaphysical Crystal Healing Guide

Actinolite - Shields, Expands, Stimulates Growth
Adamite - Clarity, Unites Heart/Mind, Emotional Strength
Aegirine - Energy focus, Healing, Empowering
Agate, Blue Lace
(Blue Lace Agate) - Communication, Stabilizing, Calming
Agate, Botswana (Botswana Agate) - Universal Love, Emotional Healing, Creativity
Agate, Fire - Grounding, Clears/Energizes Aura, Protective Shield
Agate, Moss (Moss Agate) - Growth, Nurturing, New Beginnings
Agate, Tree (Tree Agate) - Harmony, Calming, Removes Blockages
Agatized Coral- Support, Healing, Strength
Ajoite - Evolution, Transformation, Healing
Alexandrite - Purifies, Protects, Centers/Aligns
Amazonite- Expression, Balance, Inspiration
Amber - Clearing, Healing, Protective
Amblygonite - Nurturing, Calming/Soothing, High Vibration
Amethyst - Protection, Purification, Spiritual/Divine Connection
Amethyst, Chevron - Cleansing, Healing, Amplifying
Amethyst, Vera Cruz- Meditation, Spiritual Realms, Protective
Ametrine - Balancing, Soothing, Intuition
Andalusite - Cleansing, Balancing, Releases Blockages
Angelite (type of Anhydrite) - Intuition, Communication, Higher Self
Anhydrite - Supportive, Healing, Communication
Anorthosite - Intuition, Protection, Strength
Apache Tear (type of Black Obsidian) - Grounds, Balances, Protects
Apatite, Blue - Clarity, Spiritual Guidance, Self Expression
Apophyllite- Intuition, Visions, Spiritual/Divine Connection
Apophyllite, Green - Cleansing, Clarity, Connection
Aquamarine - Protective, Communication, Calming
Aragonite - Grounding, Centering, Stabilizing
Astrophyllite - Astral Travel, Enhances Self Esteem, Dream Activator
Aventurine, Blue - Awareness, Empathy, Understanding
Aventurine, Green - Healing, Abundance, Growth
Aventurine, Orange - Creativity, Good Luck, Manifestation
Aventurine, Yellow - Balance, Creativity, Emotional/Physical Detoxification
Axinite - Insight, Grounding, Healing
Azurite - Communication, Intuition, Guidance
Barite - Dream Recall, Motivation, Intuitive Vision
Bixbite - Harmony, Unconditional Love, Inner Growth
Bixbyite - Grounding, Centering, Intuition
Bloodstone - Detoxifying, Healing, Grounding
Brazilianite - Insight, Attainment, Release
Brochantite - Spiritual Attunement, Healing, Align Chakras
Bronzite - Protective, Grounding, Harmony
Brookite - Attracts/retains energy, Promotes ease/flow, Progression
Buddstone - Empowerment, Energy Movement, Healing
Bustamite - Awareness, Calming, Angelic Connection
Cacoxenite- Stone of Ascension, Spiritual Awareness, Spiritual Evolution
Calcite- Amplifies, Cleanses, Healing
Calcite, Amber (Honey Calcite) - Amplifies, Balances, Supports
Calcite, Blue - Soothing, Emotional Release, Communication
Calcite, Coral - Vitality, Compassion, Confidence
Calcite, Green - Emotional Balance, Release, Healing
Calcite, Optical (Iceland Spar) - Clarity, Clearing, Energy Shifts
Calcite, Orange - Creativity, Joy, Energizing
Calcite, Pink (Manganocalcite) - Universal Love, Compassion, Healing
Calcite, Yellow - Eliminator, Enhances Self Confidence, Hope
Carnelian - Creativity, Physical Vitality, Grounding
Cassiterite - Manifestation, Compassion, Forgiveness
Cavansite - Inspiration, Intuition, Self Reflection
Celadonite - Healing, Energy Amplification, Protection
Celestite (Celestine) - Divine Expression, Angelic Communication, Clarity
Cerussite - Grounding, Past Life Exploration, ET Connection
Chalcedony, Blue - Calm, Communication, Service
Chalcopyrite - Self Esteem, Releases Energy Blockages, Enhances Perception
Charoite - Transformation, Insight, Spirituality
Chiastolite - Protection, Transition, Harmony
Chlorite in Quartz - Healing, Cleansing, Removes Negative Energy
Chrysanthemum Stone - Harmony, Child like Wonder, Living in the Moment
Chrysoberyl - New Beginnings, Forgiveness, Confidence
Chrysocolla - Auric Cleanser, Support, Soothes and Calms
Chrysoprase - Hope, Compassion, Love
Cinnabar - Abundance, Acceptance, Release
Citrine - Abundance, Emotional Balance, Chakra Cleanser
Cleavelandite - Support, Inspires Change, Releases Fear
Columbite - Insight, Grounding, Protection
Copper - Grounding, Balance, Energy Amplifier
Covellite - Harmony, Transformation, Detoxifying
Creedite - Spiritual Communication, Evolution, Enhances Energy Vibration
Dalmatian Stone - Protection, Grounding, Transmutes Negative Energy
Danburite - Universal Love, Higher Communication, Angelic Vibration
Datolite - Understanding, Allowing, Clarity
Diamond - Abundance, Healing, Energy Amplifier
Diaspore - Protection, Strengthening, Activation/Grounding
Diopside - Compassion, Forgiveness, Reconciliation
Dioptase - Heart Healer, Cleanser/Detoxifier, Spiritual Attunement
Dolomite - Energy Alignment, Removes Blockages, Manifestation
Dumortierite - Support, Calm, Patience
Emerald - Prosperity, Hope, Healing
Epidote- Energy enhancer, Spiritual Growth, Healing
Euclase - Clarity, Creativity, Communication
Eudialyte - Self Forgiveness/Love, Releases Negativity, Life Force
Feldspar, Orthoclase - Supportive, Insightful, Ancient Wisdom
Fiedlerite - Grace, Loving Companion, Encouragement
Fluorite - Healing, Protective, Cleansing
Fuchsite - Unconditional Love, Energy Amplifier, Stone of Service
Fulgurite - Concentration, Communication, Enhances Energy
Galena - Harmony, Balance, Grounding
Garnet- Love, Loyalty, Commitment
Garnet, Almandine - Truth, Love, Physical Vitality
Garnet, Grossular - Inspiration, Strength, Energizes/Revitalizes
Garnet, Pyrope - Illuminator, Stabilizer, Inspiration
Garnet, Spessartine - Growth, Enhances Analytical Processes, High Vibration
Gaspeite - Spirituality, Manifestation/Attraction, Diagnostic Healing
Gilalite - Compassion, Connection, Expression
Goethite - Divination, Metamorphosis, Clairaudience
Gold- Amplification, Regeneration, Attraction
Halite - Purification, Balance, Protection
Hedenbergite - Transition, Achievement, Progression
Heliodor - Protection, Courage, Stress Relief
Hematite - Grounding, Balancing, Detoxifying
Hemimorphite - Protection, Communication, Self Transformation
Herderite - Harmony, Stimulates Intuition, Encourages Exploration
Herkimer Diamonds - High Vibration, Divine Guidance, Attunement
Heulandite - Release, Akashic Records, Lemuria/Atlantis
Hiddenite - Unconditional Love, Hope, Gratitude
Hollandite - Cleansing/Detox, Divine Energy, Joy
Howlite - Calming, Awareness, Spiritual
Hypersthene - Clariaudience, Spiritual/Astral Realm, Meditation
Idocrase - Cooperative Effort, Dispels Fear/Anger, Higher Self Connection
Iolite - Intuition, Awareness, Connection
Jade, Blue - Clarity, Focus, Harmony
Jade, Nephrite - Abundance, Balance, Protection
Jasper, Brecciated- Vitality, Focus, Grounding
Jasper, Brown - Protective, Grounding, Stabilizing
Jasper, Ivory - Centering, Compassion, Nurturing
Jasper, Kambaba - Creation, New Beginnings, Heart Healing
Jasper, Leopard Skin - Protection, Harmony, Journeying
Jasper, Mookaite - Awareness, Intuition, Healing
Jasper, Orbicular Sea (Ocean) - Healing, Enhances Patience, Remove Toxins
Jasper, Picture - Harmony, Comfort, Alleviates Fears
Jasper, Red - Nurturing, Grounding, Stabilizing
Jasper, Striped Brown - Comforting, Centering, Grounding
Jasper, Yellow - Detoxify, Protection, Connection to Mother Earth
Jet - Purification, Removes Negativity, Support
Kunzite - Unconditional Love, Clearing, Divine Love
Kyanite, Black - Meditation, Manifestation, Aligns and Repairs
Kyanite, Blue -Communication, High Vibration, Dreaming
Kyanite, Green - Spirit Communication, Dreaming, Personal Growth
Labradorite - Strength, Transformation, Intuition
Lapis Lazuli - Communication, Intuition, Inner Power
Larimar (Pectolite) - High Vibration, Communication, Nurturing
Larvikite - Meditation, Compassion, Raises Vibration/Energy Frequency
Lazulite - Tranquility, Clarity, Intuition
Lepidocrocite - Intuition, Angelic Communications, Healing
Lepidolite - Balance, Awareness, Transition
Lodestone (type of Magnetite) - Balance, Motivation, Removes Energy Blockages
Magnesite - Unconditional Love, Meditation, Purification
Magnetite - Grounding, Balance, Trust
Malachite - Amplifies, Protects, Healing
Meteorite, Canyon Diablo - Ascension, Evolution, Communication
Meteorite, Iron - Other-worldly Energies, Balance/Align Bodies, Communication
Mimetite - Clarity/Channeling, Support, Clearing
Moldavite - Cosmic Connection, Acceleration, High Vibration
Moonstone - Intuition, Inspiration, Goddess Energy
Moonstone, Rainbow- Intuition, Spiritual Guidance, High Vibration
Moqui Marbles - Grounding, Centering, Protection
Morganite - Divine Love, Angel Communication, Joy
Nuummite - Open/Activates the Chakras, Grounding, Protective/Shielding
Obsidian, Black - Grounding, Balance, Protection
Obsidian, Mahogany - Eliminates Blockages, Stimulates Growth, Grounding
Obsidian, Rainbow - Teacher, Protection, Absorbs Negative Energy
Obsidian, Snowflake - Balance, Centering, Support
Onyx, Black - Protection, Encouragement, Strength
Opal - Cosmic Consciousness, Visioning, Absorbant/Reflective
Peridot - Healing, Protective, Comforting
Petalite - High Vibration, Spirit Communication, Balance
Petrified Wood  - Grounding, Strength, Support
Phenacite - Highest Vibration, Amplification, Activates/Aligns
Pietersite (Tempest Stone) - Intuition, Removes Emotional Blockages, Spiritual Growth
Prasiolite - Heart healing, Self Worth/Confidence, Connection to the Divine
Prehnite- Dreams, Forgiveness, Spiritual Knowing
Purpurite - Release, Receptivity, Clarity
Pyrite - Prosperity, Protection, Deflects negativity
Pyromorphite - Releases Blockages, Stimulates Energy, Healing Helper
Quantum Quattro Silica - Heart Healer, Protection, Strengthens Immune System
Quartz, Aqua Aura - Communication, Channeling, Spiritual Awareness
Quartz, Clear - Healing, Enhancing, Amplification
Quartz, Double Terminated- Amplify, Healing, Intention
Quartz, Golden Healer - Master Healer, Raise Vibrations, Spiritual Communications 
Quartz, Hematoid (Harlequin Quartz) - Balances, Enhances focus/concentration, Self Esteem
Quartz, Faden - Activation, Meditation, Information
Quartz, Green - Abundance, Empathy, Creativity
Quartz, Indigo Aura (Tanzan Aura) - Spiritual Communications, Psychic Visions, Dreaming
Quartz, Lemurian Crystals - Dreaming, Spiritual Evolution, Connection
Quartz, Lithium - Emotional Peace, Eases Anxieties, Heals
Quartz, Peach -  Release, Expression, Understanding
Quartz, Phantoms - Facilitate Spiritual Growth, Universal Awareness, Transformation
Quartz, Rainbow Aura - Communication, Meditation, Enhances Healing
Quartz, Rose - All types of Love, Compassion, Self Esteem
Quartz, Rutilated - Amplifies energy, Psychic "Antenna", Manifestation
Quartz, Smoky (Smokey)  - Removes Negativity, Grounding, Transformation
Quartz, Spirit/Cactus - Unity, Harmony, Spiritual Connection
Quartz, Strawberry- Amplifies Intentions, Insight, Love and Understanding
Quartz, Tabular(Tabby) - Transmits Energy, Amplifies, Activates
Quartz, Tangerine - Understanding, Acceptance, Growth
Quartz, Tangerine Aura (Melon Aura) - Creativity, Increases Self Esteem, Enhances Sexuality
Quartz, Tourmalated (Tourmalinated) - Grounding, Protection, Removes/Transmutes Negativity
Rhodochrosite - Compassion, Deep Love, Comfort
Rhodonite - Love of Self/Others, Vitality, Support
Rhyolite, Rainforest- Protection, Strength, Spiritual Contact
Ruby - Abundance, Love, Passion
Ruby in Fuchsite - Protection, Spirit Communication, Detoxification
Sapphire, Blue - Prosperity, Wisdom, Communication
Sapphire, Pink- Love, Spiritual Enlightenment, Clairvoyance
Sapphire, Star - Connection to Higher Beings, Clarity, Centering/Stabilizing Thought
Sapphire, Violet- Spiritual Awakening, Higher Healing, Intuition
Sardonyx - Strength, Protection, Abundance
Scapolite - Transformation, Clears Emotional Trauma, Releases Blockages
Scolecite - Connection, Awareness, Removes Energy Blockages
Selenite - Christ Consciousness, Spiritual Connection, Higest Vibration
Septarian - Nurturing Self, Earth Consciousness, Diagnostic Healing
Seraphinite (Serafina) - Ascension, Divine Energy, Devic Connection
Serpentine - Detoxification, Meditation, Healing
Shiva Lingam - Balances Male Qualities, Kundalini Progression , Insight
Silver - Manifestation/Attraction, Balance, Intuition
Smithsonite -  Inner Child Healing, Angelic Communication, Aids in Relationships
Sodalite - Intuition, Focuses energy, Guidance
Sphalerite - Protection, Clarity, Opens Intuition/Psychic Tools
Spinel- Strength, Love, Eases stress/anxiety
Spodumene - High Vibration, Divine Connection, Energy Transmitter
Staurolite - Elemental/Diva Spirit Energy, Protection, Good Luck
Stibnite - Stabilizes, Emotional Detox, Meditation
Stichtite - Calming, Supportive, Guidance
Stilbite - Spiritual Vibration, Universal Love, Raises Consciousness
Sugilite (Luvulite) - Release negative emotions, Understanding, Self Forgiveness
Sulphur - Eases Emotions, Releases Anger, Detoxifies
Sunstone (Oligoclase) - Joy, Vitality, Empowerment
Super Seven - High Vibration, Ascension, Purifies/Balances/Energizes
Tanzanite - Spiritual Connection, Meditation, Awareness
Tektite - Expanding Consciousness, Astral Travel, Clears Chakras
Thulite - Clarity, Higher Self, Healing
Tiger Eye, Blue - Soothing, Emotional Balance, Clarity
Tiger Eye, Brown (Golden) - Protection, Creativity, Balance
Tiger Eye, Red - Vitality, Confidence, Motivation
Tiger Iron (Mugglestone) - Grounding, Increases energy/stamina, Creative Solutions
Topaz, Blue - Repels negativity, Provides emotional support, Expression
Topaz, Imperial- Abundance, Manifestation, Divine Guidance
Tourmaline, Black (Schorl) - Protection, Grounding, Calming
Tourmaline, Champagne (Dravite) - Stability, Clearing, Facing Issues
Tourmaline, Green (Verdelite) - Connection, Attraction, Healing
Tourmaline, Pink (Rubellite) - Love, Inspiration, Supportive
Tourmaline, Watermelon - Balance, Release, Love on ALL Levels
Tugtupite - Compassion, Awareness, Heart Healing
Turquoise - Communication, Release, Healing
Unakite - Balance, Release, Spiritual Insight
Vanadinite - Sensitivity, Surrender, Inner Guidance
Variscite - Unconditional Love, Trust, Supports Sobriety
Vesuvianite - Developing Clairaudience, Healing, Security
Vivianite - Auric Cleanser, Sharpens Intuition, Dreamwork
Wavellite - Soul Healing, Well Being, Clears Effects of Emotional Trauma
Wulfenite - Transition, Contact with Spirit World, Connection to Higher Self
Zincite - Transformation, Life Force, Enhances Intuition
Zoisite - Transmutes Negativity, Detoxifier, Manifestation

Posted on January 11, 2010

  What a great list. Thank you!  (Submitted by: Rachel M on January 31, 2012)

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