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From: Joane
Sent: Sunday, May 11, 2008 3:50 PM
Subject: Meditating with crystals; crystals for healing phobias and chakras

I purchased a healing chakra assortment last year, in addition to several other crystals. I am just starting to try and get back into meditating with them and was wondering if you could help me with some questions.

Can you meditate with a crystal in each hand?  I tried doing that with a crystal quartz in my left hand (with the intention of total healing), and a green aventurine in my right (I thought I read somewhere that it aids in deep meditation).  I DID go deep, but since then, I've been reading that GA is for creativity, depression and money issues, so I obviously got that wrong.

I read that the right hand is the "sending" hand, so are you not supposed to hold a crystal in your sending hand if you are looking to receive something from it?  Can I hold more than one crystal in my left hand, or have more than one in my left hand and another in my right for protection (if its properties indicate so)?

Should I be using the same crystal for one particular intent, and another of its kind for a different intent? (i.e.  one green aventurine to attract money, and a different one for creativity?) Or can I use the same one and just apply different intents to it as I see fit?

Also, with that in mind, what would be the "best" property of a particular stone?  Is amethyst the best stone to use for divination, or is there something else?  Is green aventurine the best one to use to attract money, and IS there a best stone to aid in deep meditation?  I know clear quartz crystals are known as "master healers", so I like to intend specifically for that.

Incidentally, I read that you have to use a certain type of crystal quartz for the intention of healing.  This particular site said that using anything other than a single-pointed quartz crystal is not advisable.  I was using a "twin", as I had no idea it mattered what type of quartz crystal I used; only that it was a quartz crystal. Can you clarify for me?

Lastly, is there a powerful crystal(s) I can use to help clear blockages in all of my chakras and/or eliminate phobias?  I have a big fear of driving, but I'd like to try and overcome it so that I can eventually get a car and have freedom of mobility.  Is there anything you can recommend for that intent?  I've read that Herkimer is good for clearing all the chakras and Charoite helps to dissolve fears.  Can you confirm this for me, or are there other stones I should use?

Thank you so much for your time, Shawn.  I really appreciate how you are trying to "heal the planet one person at a time"!



Dear Joan~

Greetings and thank you for your email.  I will respond to your questions in the order you asked them for easy reference later on.  

1) Yes, you can meditate with a crystal in each hand.  I personally like to meditate using the stones according to their metaphysical properties.  When you meditate with crystals, the energies you get from them can vary based on where you are at in your own personal development.  It may also depend on the state of your chakras.  Sometimes, Green Aventurine can effect the Heart Chakra in such a way that it gains a stronger connection with the upper chakras, especially when combined with Clear Quartz, thereby enhancing the meditative state of mind.  If you felt a success using these two stones together, then you were meant to work with them in that way.

2) The projective and receptive hand concept is a general guideline, as are most protocols for working with crystals.  We have chakras all over our bodies, including in the palms of our hands.  If you became experienced in working with your chakras, you would eventually be able to direct them to either take in or send out energy.  This means that you can influence both of your hands to be receptive, projective, or both.  You can hold more than one crystal in your hand at a time, but if you haven't been doing this very long, I would recommend that you only put one crystal in each hand for now.  As you become more familiar with your stones, then you might try placing two or more different crystals in your hand. Another thought would be that you could just have protective crystals in the room with you as you meditate with one stone in each hand.

3) You could use the same stone for different tasks, but you would have to cleanse and reprogram the stone in between different uses.  

4) All crystals have some sort of energetic property to them.  They all have properties specific to the mineral, but as I mentioned above, these properties may vary a little depending on the user.  For example, Pyrite might be the best stone for you to use to attract money, but Tiger Eye might work better for your friend.  I might prefer Prehnite for divination, but my friend likes to use Amethyst.  I like a specific type of Amethyst for deep meditation called a Beta Amethyst Crystal, but I know many people who prefer to work with Apophyllite for meditation.  While each stone may have a list of metaphysical properties, you may or may not experience every single property listed in your crystal book about your favorite crystal.  Your knowledge about which crystals will work best for you in a specific task will grow over time, as you continue to work with them.  Clear Quartz Crystal has many functions and can be used with other crystals to amplify their own energies.  

Our Pyrite can be found here:

We have a nice variety of Tiger Eye on this page:

You can see some Prehnite on this page:

Follow this link to look at some Amethyst, including Beta Amethyst:

5) There may be some controversy among crystal healers regarding this.  It is my feeling that all crystals have sacred geometry within their structure, as do humans.  All crystals therefore provide a higher resonance of vibrations that can assist the healing process.  I have always felt that double terminated crystals can enhance the flow of energy between the chakras, clearing away energetic blockages or debris.  

6) I think perhaps what I said above covers the question about clearing the chakras, however there are many minerals on the market that are said to do this.  As you know, Herkimer Diamonds can be great for clearing blockages, but so can Black Tourmaline.  Amber can both clear and open the chakras.  Another stone that is well known for helping ease phobias is Azurite.  It is my understanding that many phobias develop as an unhealthy psychological reaction to something, often unrelated to the actual phobia.  Short of desensitization, discovering the core is the only way to resolve the phobia.  Rutilated Quartz and Topaz can both be quite helpful for those working to unveil deeper causes for current issues.  

Our Herkimer Diamonds can be found on this page:

We have some nice Amber on this page:

You can see our Black Tourmaline here:

We have some Azurite on this page:

You might want to take a look at our Rutilated Quartz Crystals here:

We carry some Imperial Topaz on this page:

It can be difficult when one is new to crystals.  Interested in learning more, you read a few books and find that they conflict eahother and even other information out there in the internet.  I believe that this is so because of the fact that everything is indeed relative.  We all have experiences different from one another, and therefore two people might get a completely different feeling from the same crystal.  

Another thing you must consider when working with crystals is that they are to be used as a compliment to self-work.  A phobia for example, can be helped by the use of crystals, but only in combination with some inner work designed to discover the root of it.  The same thing applies to health issues.  Crystals can help you, but the bulk of the work involved in healing ones problems occurs within the self.  Clearing the chakras can be greatly enhanced by crystals, but without chakra meditations, the crystals will not have the same effect, and you may end up frustrated.

Please take a look at some of our Newsletter Archive to refresh your memory regarding crystals.  Follow this link to see our previous newsletter articles:

You might also consider checking out previous customer questions, beginning on this page:

I hope this information helps you.  There is alot here for you to chew on.

Peace and Blessings,


Posted on May 13, 2008

    (Submitted by: Beth on May 30, 2017)

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