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What are crystal grids?  They are crystals laid out in a specific pattern to enhance and direct energy.  You can use grids around people, around pets, objects, rooms, areas, indoors, outdoors, in gardens, around water, around potted plants; the uses for grids are limitless.  How do you choose the pattern of the grid and how do you choose the crystals?  All these questions and more will be covered.  

There are several things you must determine before you can make your grid. 

What is the goal you wish to achieve?  Grids can be used for meditation, charging an object or another crystal, healing a person who is present, healing a person or group of people long distance, sending energy to another place or area, cleansing an area, and providing good energy flow as in Feng Shui, Protection and connecting with your guides.  As you can see there are many reasons for using a grid!  You may have a goal in mind, but it needs to be clearly defined and refined.  If you choose a loosely defined goal you will get a very general result from your grid.  That’s alright if that is what you’re looking for, but you need to think carefully about what your goal is.  Will it correspond to your current needs in the short term or are you looking for long term results? A good example would be a healing grid.  You could set up a grid to assist with a specific type of Healing modality, healing a specific part of the body; these would be short term goals, or you want to set up a grid for a long term healing.   These things must be considered when determining your goal.

What pattern will your grid take?  Each shape or pattern will have its own inherent energy flow even before you add the crystals. Just by drawing out a design on paper, on the ground or even imagining the lines of the grid in your mind you are giving the grid energy, the shape can be as simple as a outline or as complicated as a pattern such as the Flower of Life. Again, your pattern will be determined by your goal.   Some patterns inherently work best for certain goals.  For example a circle is a general all-purpose grid form, but the star pentacle is more specific as a form of magical protection.  What will you use to give your grid form?  How will you create the lines of your grid?  Choices are ink, pen, pencil, holy water, chalk, salt, sand and crystals.  Here is another option that you may not have considered - a computer generated design!  Mandalas and colorful geometric patterns can be infused with the energy of your goal.  They provide a well-developed pattern that lends itself to use with crystals.

Is your grid going to be a three-dimensional?  A three-dimensional grid will have a different energy then a grid drawn on the floor, paper or on the ground.  By creating a three-dimensional grid you are creating an enhanced energy pattern.  These work very well for permanent grids. They can also easily be created to be taken down and put back up later to be reused again. 

Is this going to be a permanent grid?  Are you going to leave this grid in place or will you disassemble the grid at the end of your healing session? If this is going to be a permanent grid, you must choose your space carefully.  You will want a place where your grid and the objects used to create your grid will not be disturbed.  You could create a permanent grid that’s small enough to carry.  A gird created as a piece of jewelry lends itself very well to the results you may be looking for. 

How large do you want your grid?  It can be as small as a few inches or as large as to encompass your whole garden. Will it be for the top of a table or include the whole room?  The size of your grid will determine the amount of materials you will need to create the desired effect. 

What crystals will you use? Will you use a single crystal, a single variety or a mix of crystals?  The crystals you use will be determined by all of the above factors. But in addition to those mentioned factors are your intent; for this purpose, your intent is not the same as your goal, rather your intent is what you are going to program the crystals and your grid to do.  For example, your goal may be healing but your intent is what kind of healing and how you want the healing accomplished, how long you wish to maintain the energy flow and how long you wish the results to last.  

As you can see, creating a grid can be as simple or as detailed as you wish.  Grids can provide an amazing energy that is much more expansive then a single crystal or object.  They can be created for just about any goal and they can be very beautiful!

Roslyn Bohanan
Master Crystal Healer


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Posted on May 15, 2011
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