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May 2009 Newsletter - Clearing Negative Energy from a Space

Negative Energy.  We have all come across it at one time or another.  It is normally not a pleasant experience.  So how can this unwanted and unproductive energy be removed once it invades?  Let’s look at a variety of techniques that can assist you in removing these energies.

Using Crystals to clear negative energy

Negative energy can fill any space, your physical space, auric space, and sacred space, including your home.  Think of a tarred road sitting under a scorching sun.  You can see the heat rising and filling the air.  The same can be said for negative energies.  They rise and fill the space around them

Let’s use an example.  In this case, a true story of an intruding neighbor.

A neighbor frustrates you.  They come to visit unannounced and invite themselves in for coffee.  While they make themselves comfortable at your table, they begin a conversation about how they dislike this or that.  They gossip and spread false rumors about other neighbors.  They are filling your space with negativity.  Ack!

You are uncomfortable and may feel anger at their intrusion.  The invisible energy in your home swirls and contorts with waves of negativity.  The energy around your physical and auric body feels heavy and unsettled.  You may silently judge yourself for even allowing them into your space and remind yourself in the future to set some boundaries.

Once they leave, you breathe a sigh of relief but cannot shake what you perceive as a black cloud in and over your home.  What to do??  Take a moment to step outside.  Breathe the fresh air.  Settle your emotions.  Then make a plan to remove this energy from your home.

There are several crystal suggestions I can offer to keep you and your home from absorbing these unwanted energies.

Keep a bowl of crystals on your kitchen table that include those that are helpful for dissipating/removing negative energies.  Snowflake Obsidian, Apache Tears and Amethyst would be a wonderful combination.

You may want to put a couple of chunks of Black Obsidian or Mahogany Obsidian outside and on either side of your front door to keep these energies from entering your space.

In the room where your front door (or side door—which ever folks enter through) is located, set a piece of Black Tourmaline in each corner.  Black Tourmaline is a wonderful resource when you want to diffuse negativity and transmute the energy into loving kindness.

To clear unwanted/negative energy from a room or space, Smokey Quartz is one of the best!  It will remove the dense energy and replace it with a clear, clean, uplifting energy.  For me, it is the "Roto Rooter" for clearing a space.

Carry a piece of Hematite in your pocket to keep your energy field grounded and balanced during this challenging circumstance.  One of my favorite pocket combos is a combination of Black Tourmaline and Rose Quartz.   As the Black Tourmaline surrounds you with an invisible barrier of energy that will not allow these negative energies to penetrate your energy field, the Rose Quartz will fill you and your energy field with love, compassion and understanding.

You may want to wear a pendant or earrings with your favorite crystal.  This surrounds your body and infuses your auric field with positive, loving energies.

Or try an experiment.  Place a tumbled Charoite in a glass pitcher of water for 24 hours.  You may even want to set the pitcher out in the sunshine to further infuse it.  Use some of this water (one part infused water to two parts regular water) to make your neighbor a cup of coffee.  Charoite is a wonderful pieced to use to transmute any negativity within, or without. It infuses the body with the purity of love, allowing one to see how their actions affect others.

Smudging to Clear Negative Energy

Negative energy can make your home feel dense and heavy.  Smudging is the practice of using an herb or combination of herbs to create a cleansing smoke that will allow these energies to be removed.  The smoke attracts and absorbs this energy.  As the smoke dissipates, the energy dissipates as well.

“It has been scientifically noted that the smoke from the practice of Smudging has the potential of seizing the positive ion in the air molecule and extracting it.

The positive ion in the air molecule is the electric charge that is harmful to your health.  You come across it in places that are heavily polluted or that have been closed for a long time without air.  On the other hand, the negative ion is beneficial for your health.  After an electric storm it exists in abundance, because flashes of lightening free thousands of millions of negative ions into the air.  This is why the air is so invigorating following a storm.

Burning Sage, Cedarwood and/or Sweetgrass remove the positive ions and leave only the healthy negative ions.” American Indian Secrets of Crystal Healing by Luc Bourgault

How to Smudge Step by Step

Use this simple technique to smudge and cleanse your area of Negative energy.

You will need an herb such as Sage, (Grandfather White is my favorite) Sweetgrass, (either in a braid or loose pieces), or Cedar (Northwest Cedar is lovely).  You can choose one of these or combine.  If you have another favorite, feel free to add some of that as well.

Next you will need a container to hold your smudging material.  Abalone shells are very popular for this purpose.  If you do not have an Abalone shell, a small ceramic or clay bowl will do.  Metal will heat up too quickly and has a tendency to burn the fingers.  Add some sand to the bottom of the shell or bowl in order to insulate from the heat and allow the smudge to be fully extinguished once you are done.  A feather or fan (not the electric kind) is handy to fan the smoke out into the areas where it is needed.

Some suggest that before you begin the smudging process, you should always open a window (even just a crack) otherwise you will not be able to remove the negative elements completely.

In the Abalone Shell or bowl, place the Grandfather White Sage (or other loose material you have chosen).  Light the sage until a flame appears, then allow it to smolder and the smoke to flow freely.

Take the feather or fan you have chosen and gently fan the smudge so that you are moving the smoke in the direction and area you are smudging.  Continue to move through the area, pushing the smoke out with the feather/fan.  Some herb combinations or smudge sticks (a combination of herbs that is wrapped tightly in a bundle) tend to go out rather easily.  Simply relight and continue.

The Process

When I smudge, I start the process by smudging myself, making sure that I have moved the smoke over and around me.  Then, I begin my ritual by moving clockwise, whether around a room or the entire house.  I am right handed, so that seems natural enough.  I honestly think you should just go with the flow.  If counterclockwise seems natural, then that is fine.

The intent is to clean each area, including the corners with the smoke.  I have this idea that those denser energies tend to congregate in the corners, so I make sure to go from the bottom of the floor to top of the ceiling in each and every corner.   Starting at the front door, I say,

"Please cleanse this house and remove all negative/dense energies.  May the energy in my space be filled with love and for the highest good of all".

Then I slowly side step to the right holding the smudge bowl and moving it around in a zig zag pattern from floor to ceiling.  I continue until I come to a corner of the room.  When I hit a corner, I stop, say the same thing, then start at the floor and slowly move the sage up the wall and to the ceiling.  Then I continue to move right.

When I arrive at the next corner, I do the ritual all over again.  I also make sure to cleanse all around a doorway, left to right, from the floor, up the side, over the top and down to floor again.  I repeat all around the house (or room if I am only doing one room).  When I get all the way around and end up back at the front door, I thank the Universe/Divine/Source for cleansing my space and filling it with positive energy, love and joy.

Of course, you will find that you will get into your own groove and may just make it up as you go.  Which is perfect, as it becomes your personal ritual led by your intuition.

Incense and Candles

If you do not have access to smudging herbs, a stick or cone of incense will also work just fine.

Candles are another tool that can be used to clean negative energy from the home or sacred space.  Simply light a candle and allow the flame to burn away these unwanted energies.  Cleansing yourself with the flame is not recommended.

Whether you choose to use incense or candles, you can use the same process steps as stated above to cleanse your space.

Spritz and Sprays

If you prefer not to use smoke in your cleansing ritual, a smokeless spritz is a viable alternative.  Smokeless Sage Spray has the essence of a combination of Sages.  Many sprays use a combination of stones and herbs that are geared toward removing negativity from a space.  Simply spray in the same areas, as you would smudge, including yourself.

Using the Vibration of Sound to clear Negative Energy

Another suggestion that can assist in cleansing a space of Negative energies is using the vibration of sound.  Sound works much like the smoke used during smudging.  The sound vibrations absorb the negative energy vibration, picking it up and carrying it away into the ethers where it is transmuted into vibrations of love and positive energy.

Crystal singing bowls, Tibetan Brass bowls, bells or tingshas, drums, Chanting or even a CD of chants will accomplish the removal and clearing of all negative energies.

If the bowls, bells or drum are small enough to hold, use the same process as smudging, but instead of going up and down in the corners, strike the instrument three times and move it from floor to ceiling allowing it to resonate with sound vibrations.


Cleansing is an important part of keeping your intent and purpose for your space free and clear from unwanted/negative energies.  Just remember, when you have completed the act of moving negative energy out, you want to replace it with positive energy.  This will infuse your space with the higher energy vibrations of love, light and compassion.

This article was written by Kristi Huggins, Author and Project Manager for Healing Crystals

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  I use sage a LOT! I also use stones, but haven't been as intentional, except for while using Rose Quartz and Amethyst. Love to wear stones or points when I'm out & about.
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