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Luck and Abundance Grid

By Lourdes Lebron


With St. Patrick’s Day upon us, our minds may drift to thoughts of Leprechauns and pots of gold. While I can’t promise everyone a pot of gold, I can suggest a creative way or working with crystals to bring more luck and abundance your way.

When working with crystals one easy and creative way to raise our manifesting abilities is through grids. Grids can help focus the energies of crystals towards a specific goal.  One grid that is very helpful is a Luck and Abundance Grid. This grid below is composed of a Green Aventurine Sphere for attracting abundance. In the cardinal directions there is Jade for luck. Clear Quartz Points are in the corners and they extend energy outwards.  In between the Points are tumbled Clear Quartz to amplify the vibrations of the other crystals.  The green colors in the grid add to the manifesting vibrations. Another option is to add green glitter along the lines of the grid to magnify the energy of the color green.  Other green stones that can work in this grid for attracting abundance are Emerald, Green Quartz, and Green Chlorite.

For those of you who may not have these crystals, you use the same premise with cards/pictures of the green crystals. Just place them in the same positions as the actual stones. To learn more about grids, here is a link to a video that discusses them in more detail.

Posted on March 15, 2013

    (Submitted by: Victoria on March 15, 2016)
    (Submitted by: Wan on March 14, 2016)
  this is so awesome... thank you for doing this good luck all...  (Submitted by: Carol on March 14, 2016)
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