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Healing Crystals NLEPI NLEPI
I am beyond happy with this purchase! I was so surprised with happiness when the box was opened. The lepidolite was not only prettier then what I pictured but it was double in size. I'm new to buying healing crystals and very happy with this purchase. The free gift alone was enough to make my day! Thank you!
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I was expecting a more grayish-looking shiny stone, but to my delight the stone I received was more purple looking (which is my favorite color!). What a beautiful stone.
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This is the first time I have received something from healing crystals that I didn't fall in love with. In the pictures all the lepidolite looks nice and purple and beautiful, but when I received mine it was only purple on one tiny section, 75% of it was just rock and clear. I bought the biggest one, so if it came like this I'm not sure what the other ones would look like. Very disappointed!!!
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So very beautiful, and does the trick right away! The staff also really impresses me as much as the sacred stones do - both fully competent and courteous. You can trust in what they are going to decide calls to them to be chosen to be for you. Many thanks, and keep it up!
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Lepidolite - Lepidolite Blades/Chunks (Brazil)    [NLEPI]

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