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Healing Crystals NQLEMP NQLEMP
This crystal is amazing. I just received it a couple of days ago (fast shipping!) and haven't even worked with it yet. I felt compelled to put it in my pocket this morning. I've had it with me for a couple of hours now and I feel safe and powerful and loved. Even at work, which is a super negative place, and this is how I know this is coming from this crystal. I highly recommend these. :)
5 5
Very sweet crystal.
5 5
Beautiful!! Strong Lemurian energy!
5 5
These crystal was so special that I can't find words _3

Thank you so much to all of you working here at Healing Crystals..I love you all _3 :-)

Keep up the good work, know that you are raising individuals vibrations and helping so many..
your work is highly appreciated _3 _3 _3

Love & Light,

Brynhild from Norway
5 5
A soft, gentle yet powerful energy. Simply divine!
5 5
5 5
I can't get enough of the Lemurian
5 5
5 5
This is an amazing crystal! When I am deep in meditation or contemplation the new levels of Peace and Joy I experience are so overwhelming anymore. What a gift to be blessed to receive knowing about Healing Crystals and choosing such a gem of God's Ocean of Life! I want to get another one, too.
5 5
Beautiful crystal! As always, I am never disappointed with you wonderful folks from Healing Crystals!
4 5
By itself it looks like a clear quartz, the pink is so subtle and sweet, but the energy of it is very high. This is one I grab when I'm having a rough day and almost immediately feel better.
5 5
lots of pink, so nice. I'll be giving my niece's to her next weekend, great surprize!
5 5
5 5

Lemurian Quartz - Pink Lemurian Seed Crystals (Brazil)    [NQLEMP]

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