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Healing Crystals NKYGR NKYGR
very nice worked out grear
5 5
Very nice Green Kyanite.
5 5
A must have for any healer. Even if you're not a healer get all the color of the Kyanite (indigo, blue, orange, black and green) do a body layout on yourself to heal and balanced you're aura and chakra not to mention ground you and rid you of negative energy. Simply put this set of kyanite crystal is amazing.
5 5
Love it!
5 5
I put the Kyanite in with a favorite plant.
5 5
great crystals, stones, fast delievery and great communication. Excellent info.
5 5
My piece has a wonderful green color and is translucent.
5 5

Kyanite - Green Kyanite Natural Chips (Brazil)    [NKYGR]

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