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Before we begin our discussion on high vibration stones, let explore some of the background related to this topic. 

Every living thing on this planet has a life force of energy.  Energy in its simplest form is vibration.   This vibration or frequency is what keeps the physical body operating.  Each organ has its own specific frequency, these frequencies combine to make up our aura or life force energy. The human body responds to frequencies and any exposure to long term frequency can alter our natural resonance.  There is new research coming out every day on the effects of frequency but little is still understood. 

What is speculated is that it is the amplitude or strength and power of a frequency and not the frequency itself that is what changes our natural frequencies. In other words the strength and power of the energy can over-ride our energy.  If you are healthy and are not exposed to any negative energy you will remain healthy.  But if you are exposed to a negative energy over long periods of time it will slowly bring our energy levels down to match its levels and when our energy level falls below the level of the negative energy it begins to force our frequency to follow its frequency.  Hence our frequency drops and it leaves us susceptible to illness and diseases of lower vibration frequencies. 

What research has shown is that when two frequencies combine they create a new independent frequency called a resonant harmonic, that can be of greater strength then the original frequencies.  What this means is that two frequencies with a high energy will combine to create an even higher energy.  But two energies with one high and one low will cancel each other and create a lower energy.  As any scientist knows as an object loses energy it loses the ability to vibrate so the lower the energy the lower or slower the vibration.  The objective is to maintain the higher energy levels to maintain our vibrational frequency.

This brings us to crystal and crystal vibration.  

~ It is a proven fact that the higher an element is on the periodic table the higher its vibration. 

~ When two elements combine they create a resonant harmonic with energy higher then the originals.  As more elements combine the resulting resonant harmonic increases in energy. 

~ The more orderly and coherent  the molecular structure of a crystal or stone the higher its vibration and energy. 

~ The smaller and flatter a stone or crystal the higher its vibration and energy. 

~ The color of the crystal or stone will add an independent frequency that affects the energy.

How this relates to Crystal healing is still speculation but they are beginning to find a correlation between crystal energy and its effects on the human body.  Speculation is that when the human body is exposed to the crystal energy over long periods of time it will help raise and maintain our natural energy levels. 

This brings us to the crystals themselves.  What are the high vibration crystals?  Aside from their metaphysical properties, the stones with the highest spiritual vibration has a well organized molecular structure, contains one or more elements in it chemical makeup, has a color vibration that is in the higher vibrational range.  In this category would fall such crystals as Quartz with Herkimer Diamonds being the highest vibration of the quartz. Herkimer Diamonds are energizing,  stimulate the psychic abilities, opening us to the higher energy of the spirit realms.  It is a stone of immense spiritual transformation.

Aura Quartz due to the high vibration resonance created in the bonding process and the resulting high vibration colors would create some of the highest resonant frequencies  in the spiritual range of the crystals available to us today.   

If we go by the above stated criteria the following crystals would also qualify as high vibration, bordering into the spiritual range of resonant frequencies. They include Celestite which is a stone of the angelic energies and can jump start spiritual development that has stalled or been blocked. Danburite, often called the light bringer, is a stone of serenity and wisdom.  It is a stone of deep change, opening the higher chakras up to the 14th level. Blue Kyanite, as a transmitter and amplifier of high vibration energies, stimulates abilities and intuition.  Kyanite does not hold any negative energies and never needs clearing. Lavender and Pink Kunzite open the heart to unconditional, universal love.  It induces deep meditative states for those who find it difficult to meditate.  Its high vibrational energy acts as a shield for the aura, negative energy can not exits within its sphere of influence. Larimar, a stone of earthly evolution for the new age, radiates love, peace and tranquility. Larimar harmonizes the body to the new  higher frequencies as they arrive. Rainbow Moonstone sends energy throughout the aura, deflecting negative energy. Rainbow Moonstone assist in the activation of the Rainbow light body, the spiritual vehicle used to travel all the inner worlds. Petalite elevates and expands, lifting the soul up into the spirit realms. Petalite opens the third eye to the higher dimensions facilitating visions,  profound peace and joy. Phenacite’s energy and vibration is so powerful it can activate anyone’s third eye, opening  the upper chakras.  It activate the light body of dimensional travel. Selenite’s energy activates the third eye, crown and Soul Star chakras.  Enough can not be said about the energy of Selenite, it is an energy amplifier of any other stone. Spodumene a white to clear variety of Kunzite which has the energy of divine love and is used to Soul journey and integrating soul retrieval. Iolite is a stone of visualization, it re-energizes the auric field maintaining stability. Iolite stimulates the astral body and inner journeys. Apophyllite carries the energies of the higher realms, devic and  angelic, connecting us to the knowledge that the spiritual realms are all around us.  Apophyllite is good for clearing energy blockages. Cavansite, a stone of the Blue Ray and associated with Archangel Michael, Cavansite is a stone of inner truth. Cavansite facilitates access to the Akashic Records. Moldavite is a stone of universal energy, facilitating connection to other world beings. It is  know for it abilities at spiritual awaking and finding your Life Path. Sugilite is the stone of the Violet  Ray and a spiritual  love stone. Sugilite is a stone of pure inner motivation and seeking your dreams. Charoite leads a person to live up to their potential, it assist in releasing negative blocks of internalized fear. Its power emanations can purify and cleanse the etheric bodies. Tanzanite is a stone of immense metaphysical power connecting the heart chakra all the way up through the Soul Star chakra.  Wearing Tanzanite will harmonizes with the higher consciousness raising it to a permanent  higher level.   

 When you combine the physical properties with the metaphysical properties, these stone are among the most energetic, spiritual and healing stones.  In order for them to work they would need to be carried for long periods of time with in the energy field of the aura.    One thing I noticed that if the physical properties of the stones hold true, then these stones will not need to be continually cleared as their structure and elemental energy would prevent the stones from absorbing any lower vibrations.  There are other stones that may fall into this category with further research and I believe  as scientist verifies the properties of these crystals we may find that they are  the answer to the question how do crystal heal. 

While this list is by no means every crystal that would fall into the category of high vibration, it is a place to start and these stones can form the bases to assist us in not only helping our bodies heal themselves and maintain good health, they can assist us in maintaining our spiritual vibrations.

Roslyn Bohanan

Master Crystal Healer


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Posted on July 15, 2011
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