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How to Heal you Chakras using Crystals - A Tutorial (including Chakra Crystal Guide)

Over the past 8 months, we have written a series of newsletters about chakras and their corresponding crystals.  This series of articles has given a short overview of each of the chakra and their corresponding crystals.  In this article, we will offer a short tutorial of how you can use crystals to do chakra work and a list of the various stones by chakra.  

Generally speaking, but not always, one can associate a crystal with a particular chakra based on the crystal’s color.  The natural ability for crystals to acquire an electric charge is the property, known as "piezoelectric", that makes them perfect for working with the chakras, which are seen as spinning wheels of human energy.  When Chakras become blocked or are not functioning properly, the energies of certain crystals can help the chakra to return to balance.  Some crystals can work with multiple chakras, and/or strengthen the energetic connections, the nadis, between the chakras.  

When using crystals to work with the chakras, any type of stone, whether raw crystal, tumbled stone, cut and polished shapes, even beads, can be used.  People work with crystals in many ways including holding them in your hand, placing them on the body on top of each chakra, or even doing intricate body layouts. 

The correct crystal on a chakra can open, clear, activate, balance, or repair it, if needed.  One can make use of a simple body layout with just seven crystals to get started working with the chakras, although two extra crystals, for Earth-Star Chakra and the Soul-Star Chakra can have an added benefit.  

If you are experiencing very specific physical ailments, there are resources available that correspond certain issues with certain organs, meridians and chakras.  Knowing which is the primary chakra related to a specific issue can be very useful.  If you just want to learn about your chakras, or if you are having emotional issues that you cannot seem to associate with a particular chakra, you can do certain tests to see how your chakras are functioning.  One way to know which chakras you should work on is to "assess" each chakra to see how each one is functioning:  

Pendulum Assessment:   An easy method to assess chakras is the pendulum assessment.  You can use any type of pendulum, even a necklace if you don’t happen to have a pendulum handy.  As an example, let’s say you are trying to diagnose a friend’s chakras.  

- To do this, hold the pendulum loosely in your hand.
- Place the pendulum in the field of each chakra.
- Then give intent for the pendulum to show you the spin of a chakra. 
- After asking the pendulum to show you the spin, relax, be patient and see what happens.  

The pendulum will move slightly at first and then gain momentum until it is spinning in a circle or elipse, or even a stright line.   Sometimes,the pendulum can also stand still.   There are varying opinions on which spin direction represents an open and balanced chakra.   It may take a while to get the hang of it, but after you begin to see movement from the chakras, you will progress quickly.  Anyone can learn how to do it, but it does take some practice. 

There is disagreement as to which is the "best or most balanced" way for a chakra to spin.  Thus, when working with a pendulum, it is useful to first "Ask" the pendulum to spin to "Show me an open and balanced chakra".   Then "Ask" the pendulum to "Show me a closed chakra".   This way, you begin to connect with your pendulum and gain a better understanding of the meaning of its movements. 

Once you are finished checking all of the chakras, you would choose your stones based upon which chakras need balancing or alignment.  When choosing your crystals, it is useful tobegin with a list of stones for each chakra, but in the end, follow your intuition, even if your choice does not follow traditional wisdom.  Once you have some experience working with pendulums and chakras, you will be able to easily diagnose your own or another persons chakras. 

Often, when one is choosing crystals for chakra healing, you can go by color, or by a list (like the one below or in manyRecommended Crystal Books).  You can select one stone per chakra, or you can choose a few different stones for each.  The best way to determine which and how many stones to use in treating the chakras, is to follow your intuition.  Depending on who I am working on, and my inner voice, I will sometimes use one decent-sized stone for a chakra, or I might use several smaller stones in a particular pattern.  You can get creative when using crystals with the chakras, and the more positive energy you put into it, the better the results.

If you are doing crystal therapy for someone else's chakras, once the stones are in place, you can either sit with the person, or you can focus on sending healing energy to their chakras to assist the crystals in their work.  It can be helpful for the person receiving the treatment to hold a crystal during the process, such as Rose Quartz or Celestite, to help keep the ambient energies positive.  When receiving chakra therapy, it can greatly assist the process if you can meditate on the chakras.  Some people will experience the energy more than others, some may remember suppressed events from the past, and still others may suddenly release repressed emotions they had never acknowledged.  The role of the healer in all of this is to remain supportive and nonjudgmental regardless of what the person may reveal.  The crystals may be left on the body for just a minute or two or up to 30 minutes, depending on how the recipient of the process feels.

Many times, when the chakras have taken the maximum energy from the stones, the stones will slowly fall off of the body.  This usually means that the stones are done with their work.  When this happens, or when the person receiving the treatment feels complete, have them lie for a short time with the stones off, and then brush the aura of any clinging negative energies before they get up.  

After receiving chakra therapy of any type, including crystals, it is common for a person to feel a little drained.  During the following week, one might notice a bit of pain, detoxification, or emotional release.  This is known in energy healing circles as a "healing crisis", and it is normal, but it may feel uncomfortable for a few days.  This healing process is normally short-lived, and results in the healthier functioning of the chakras.  Regular meditation with crystals placed on the chakras can help to further the clearing and healing processes along. 

As one spends more time working with the chakras, many people have noticeable, positive changes in areas governed by the various chakras.  It could be the lessening of pain associated with a health concern, an increase in emotional stability, or some other improvement.  The most noticeable change will usually be related to the chakra that received the most work. 

Simple Chakra Meditation: To keep the chakras healthy, regular meditation on each chakra is recommended, with or without crystals.  A simple meditation with the chakras would include visualizing each chakra, spinning clockwise, with its associated color glowing brightly.  Energy healing can also be done to open, heal, and balance the chakras.   Your chakra balancing meditation can last as short as a few seconds to a full hour long meditation session.  Your intention matters most and it is better to meditate for a few minutes than to not meditate at all.


Upper Crown/Soul-Star Chakra: Selenite, Phenacite, Danburite.

Crown Chakra: Celestite, Clear Topaz, Amethyst, Phenacite, Danburite, Optical Calcite, Clear Quartz, Rutilated Quartz, Selenite.

Third-Eye Chakra: Amethyst, Moldavite, Herkimer Diamond, Howlite, Iolite, Indigo Aura, Pietersite, Labradorite, Ruby Zoisite, Stilbite, Unakite, Azurite.

Throat Chakra: Apatite, Aqua Aura, Blue Lace Agate, Blue Tiger Eye, Turquoise, Blue Kyanite, Blue Calcite, Aquamarine, Angelite, Lapis Lazuli, Sodalite.

Heart Chakra: Green Aventurine, Emerald, Jade, Rose Quartz, Lithium Quartz, Chrome Diopside, Ruby, Peridot, Green Kyanite, Green Tourmaline.

Solar Plexus Chakra: Citrine, Sunstone, Topaz, Tiger’s Eye, Amber.

Sacral Chakra: Orange Calcite, Coral Calcite, Moonstone, Orange Carnelian, Snowflake Obsidian, Citrine, Orange Aventurine, Leopardskin Jasper.

Root Chakra: Hematite, Red Jasper, Rhodochrosite, Black Tourmaline, Garnet, Red Carnelian, Smokey Quartz.

Earth-Star Chakra: Unakite, Onyx, Howlite.

Palm Chakras: Clear Quartz, Moldavite, Smokey Quartz, Rutilated Quartz.

While the information given in this article is by no means complete, it is a sufficient start.  With this list, you can begin to experiment with various crystals on different chakras.  You can do your own chakra treatment with crystals, or you can help others.  As you continue to play with different combinations, allow your intuition to guide you into an understanding of what works best.  There can be no harm done when working with crystals in this way although crystals will sometimes bring up issues that are in need of healing and looking at our issues is often uncomfortable.  If you ever feel that you are not benefiting from a particular crystal, then put it away for a while and try again after some time has passed. 

I wish you blessings of peace and love in your crystal endeavors.

Peace and Love,

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The suggested uses and metaphysical descriptions of the inventory items are our personal opinions and should be used at your discretion.  These suggestions are not intended to be used as medical advice.  If you resonate and like our suggestions and descriptions, please use them freely.  However, if you don't resonate or agree with any of them, please consider them for entertainment purposes only.  We have done our best to represent the crystals and minerals accurately and chosen only high quality items that we would use ourselves.  Please use your own intuition about what "feels" right for you.

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Posted on July 15, 2008

  Being new to using Stones/Crystals for healing work, I suppose I have more questions that I just don't know, yet. When I lay with my stones, listening to a Chakra healing instructional with the beautiful sound of a Crystalline Bowl... I am falling asleep for approximately 1 to 3 hours just after the first few Chakras. Past the Solar Plexus I remember nothing. Is there something I can do to stay awake when doing my Chakra work or is this very normal? Also... I am having difficulties with visualization. Maybe I am trying to hard?  (Submitted by: amcinia on April 23, 2010)
  Being new to Healing Chakras with Crystals and Meditation... I have more questions than I know of, I am sure! My biggest question right now is: Every night I lay with my stones listening to a wonderful instruction meditation with the beautiful sound of a crystal singing bowl... I fall asleep for a good 2 to 3 hours and wake up with a very strong urge to urinate. I remember nothing past my first three chakras. Although, yesterday, I did wake up just in time for the (I think) throat, third-eye, and crown instruction. Is my available time to lay with my stones the wrong time for me?  (Submitted by: amcinia on April 22, 2010)
  Good Morning,

Many times, it is good that the body is at rest--amazing healing can take place at that time! It sounds like, to me, that the CD is definitely doing its job. I think it is important that we shed our expectations of what we have been told may happen or what we feel we want to happen, and just step out of the way to allow healing to occur. Just allow. After you wake up or complete the CD, you may want to "check in" with the body. Make notes about how you feel, if there are any areas that feel more energized than others, etc. This will help you to follow your progress as you continue the CD.

As for the time you are working with the CD. Do what feels best for you. Many folks say that first thing in the morning, upon waking is the best time to meditate or do such work. Others prefer the evening when things become more still. Personally? I think you are doing just fine :) Keep up the good work!

with love and crystal blessings,
Kristi  (Submitted by: Kristi on April 23, 2010)
  Thank you so very much Kristi!!! I am surrounded by a lot of very great people right now! I do feel that I am doing great things for myself! And... I actually was able to visualize last night, during my chakra work! :o) Also... my solar plexus chakra FINALLY opened up! YAY! Although I am feeling heavy in the heart the past couple days, not really emotionally... physically. I started placing a bracelet of quartz and tiger eye with a Citrine in the middle and WOW do I get a vibrational reaction! I love IT!!! In fact... the crystal world 'Had me at Hello', with a very large Tiger Eye that just danced on my solar plexus at a Therapeutic Massage session.

With the very warmest regards,
Angela  (Submitted by: amcinia on April 24, 2010)

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