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Jellyfish Animal Totem

This animal totem is Jellyfish - Faith, Inner Strength, Vulnerability

For the most part, Jellyfish cannot swim on his own.  He is dependent on the currents and winds for his survival. Jellyfish teaches you faith and acceptance in knowing and trusting that Spirit/Universe/God will provide all that is necessary for you to survive.  As Jellyfish moves in harmony with life's currents he is showing you how to flow with the natural forces and currents in your life, and understand the value of floating rather than swimming as it will allow you to become untangled from life's drama. Regardless of how torrid your life may be, Jellyfish is asking you to have faith in knowing that you are being moved to a place that will provide you with what you need. Trying to fight against it is ineffective as it drains your energy; the more you resist the more difficult those currents become.  

Jellyfish is sensitive to water energies (emotions). Many species of Jellyfish are bioluminescent which means they put on a little light show within their bodies. Jellyfish is showing you to look within and see your spark of light and your power. See the unlimited power within rather than looking for it from outside sources.  It will energize you and illuminate you. Even when surrounded by emotions of the deepest kind that make you feel trapped and hopeless, Jellyfish serves to remind you to look within. See the light within each painful memory and the lessons there. Use your light to deal with these aspects and move on through forgiveness and into love.

Jellyfish's soft body can make him vulnerable, but he does have the power to protect himself. Jellyfish is asking you not to hide your true nature or feelings. Bring them all out and know that no matter what happens you will move forward and not look back. Learn to see vulnerability as a strength and something of value instead of a weakness. Jellyfish is teaching you that you have to power to stand in your truth, to be compassionate, and to protect yourself. Even if you feel as if you are in your darkest hour, there is one thing that remains and that is love. This is that tiny spark inside that will help you realize you have the choice to make a different decision and go on another path.  

Crystals to remind you of Jellyfish's medicine are:


Inner Strength:



By Susan Jolley

Posted on February 29, 2016
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