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Simple Protection Grid

Crystal Grids are a great way to use your crystals to provide protection for yourself and others from negative energies. A grid is comprised of several crystals arranged in a geometric pattern that is activated and programmed with intent to enhance the energy of the crystals and help achieve your goal.

This simple grid includes a central Black Tourmaline crystal surrounded by several Clear Quartz points pointing away from the center of the grid. This will radiate or send the energy from the central stone for your intention. This is the recommended way to set up this simple grid, but you can modify this grid as your intuition guides you. If you choose, you can instead point the crystals toward the central crystal to draw energy inwards and amplify the center stone.

Crystal Grid for Protection

Once you have set up the grid in an area where it is unlikely to be disturbed, activate the grid by tracing it using a crystal point, a wand or your pointed finger. Start with the center crystal and trace outward to the tip of each crystal and then back into the center before moving on to the next crystal. Do this for each point in the grid, ending back in the center of the grid. While activating your grid, concentrate and hold the intention in your mind of protection from negative energies.

The grid can now be left in place for as long as you need it. Once every week, you should take down the grid and clear all the crystals. Then replace them to their spot in the grid and re-energize the grid, confirming your intentions while you trace the grid again with your finger, wand or point.

You can also boost the energy of your grid by placing other objects under your grid. A mirror under the grid will amplify the intention of protection and reflect the crystal energy. For this type of grid, a Bagua mirror would also work great. A Bagua mirror is a round mirror in an octagonal frame that is a symbol of protection in Feng Shui. We hope you enjoy working with your crystal grid!


Article By Stephanie Arnold

Posted on December 23, 2013

    (Submitted by: Guilhem on September 10, 2021)
  Great articles, thank you! I did some light digging and found an article from fengshuiweb dot co dot uk that mentions Baguas should never be used indoors, in the home or in offices. Since you recommend the use of bagua mirrors under grids, I thought this would be helpful information. For anyone thinking of using one with grids, best to do some research first.  (Submitted by: Kristina on December 22, 2016)
  very well written.. thank you  (Submitted by: elsa on May 20, 2016)

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