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Some of the most repetitive comments I receive from classes, email questions and personal conversations is, "I cannot feel ANYTHING from my crystals!" or, "I am doing everything right! Why aren't my crystals healing/helping me?"

There is, of course, no "right" answer here. There is NO right way and NO wrong way. Let me share what I know to be true for me.

In addition, I have some free exercises you can try to help you sense your crystal energy. Experiment with those exercises and if you still feel unsuccessful, there is another crystal energy article that can be useful for you, so don't give up hope!

A hand holding tumbled stones


We each carry our own unique energy vibration/frequency. This may change or alter at any given time, and often does. We may be having a great day (raising energy vibration), we may be feeling blue (lowering energy vibration), we may join a group (our energy will raise or lower depending on the overall group energy). The first goal is to understand your own energy vibration and the slight changes that may occur in any given situation.

Those who are sensitive to energy usually can "feel" the energy emanating from a crystal (or a tree, or another person, etc). They are aware of energy shifts in their bodies (physical, emotional, etheric).

Crystal energy can be something as subtle as a cool or warm sensation. It could be the same type of feeling you get when your hand goes to sleep. It may feel like pin pricks or a little electrical shock. And, it may feel like... nothing.

The majority of people may not feel or be aware of these energies. Is this bad? Of course not! No two people or their experiences are exactly alike in any respect. At least not in this human form we currently find ourselves in.

The challenge, as I see it, is this:  we feel the need to compare ourselves to one another. To compare our experiences to others. And this is the point where we become frustrated. Our ego may whisper in our ear. We ask, "Why them (or her, or him, etc)? Why not me?" We effectively limit our experiences because we choose to think we cannot do the same.

Stop comparing! Find your own unique way of connecting with your crystals. Choose crystals based on what you are drawn to, not what someone else tells you that you must have. This is your experience. Make the most of it!

Access your Tools

I believe that you are a divine being, created directly from Source. Call it God, Unconditional Love, Goddess, Divine Energy — whatever works best for you. During this creation process, you were able to choose certain lessons and experiences you wanted to have/learn on this particular human journey. There were also a variety of tools that were available for you to choose from as well. Tools?

I have always believed that each of us bring a toolbox of sorts on this journey. We have many different "tools" that we can access. Some may choose to use the tool of psychic ability.  They want to see auras, spirits, etc. So they access this "tool" from the box to help accomplish this specific job. Others may choose clairaudience (hearing). Still others pull out the tools for healing. No two creations choose the same exact tool box.

The tool does not do the job for you. It assists. You do not just pick up the tool and know automatically how to use it. The first time you use it, you might feel awkward and clumsy. You need to know how to work the tool, how to use it to gain the best results. So you read the instructions and learn how to use the tool. You practice with the tool so that you can become proficient in its use. The tool, in itself, is not the answer. How you choose to use the tool is.

As with many things, you need to practice, practice, practice. You may be feeling the energy all along, but just not putting two and two together in your head. The energy may be so subtle that there is no noticeable difference. That does not mean the energy is not there. It just means that you will need to practice in order to make it the connection.

Blind Faith

Faith is a belief with strong conviction; a firm belief in something for which there may be no tangible proof; complete trust.

Trust is having faith in the unseeable. Know that it is there, even though you may not be able to see or feel it. There can be no doubt. Trusting in Source and Self is huge! With trust, boundaries and self-limitations can crumble.  If you doubt that you can feel crystal energies or you doubt that crystals will help to ease an issue, more than likely they won't. It is not they do not "work", it is more likely that you doubt they will. Doubt is ego's way of keeping you in check.

I know a lady who has owned a crystal shop for over 30 years. She loves her crystals. However, she recently shared with me that she had never been able to "feel" the energy of any crystal, save one many years ago. She simply has complete trust and faith that the crystal energy surrounding her keeps her healthy, abundant and protected. She never questions this in any way. And for her, it works perfectly!

Practice, Practice, Practice

Crystal Balls (Image by Jill Wellington from Pixabay)

An acquaintance of mine wants to see auras. This is a tool that is available in her toolbox, so she has decided to utilize it. She practiced by sitting in front of a mirror in the dark, just her head and neck showing. She did exactly as instructed. Let her eyes go out of focus while lazily staring at the top of her head. The first few times, nothing. Then, one day she simply let go of any preconceived notions, what others had said she should see, and low and behold, what could only be described as a white energy field appeared about two inches from the top of her head. It outlined her body. She was open for whatever would come and she trusted (had faith) that she would be able to see what some considered unseeable.

The funny thing is that as soon as she made a comment or acknowledged what she was seeing, it disappeared. Ah, danged ego!

She continues to practice and now, after some time, she can see a bit of color. I have no doubt that with more practice, she will continue to grow in this area.

You can do it too!

If you cannot "feel" the energy emanating from your crystals, use the suggested exercises below to practice, practice, practice. The mind is very powerful. Doubt is simply the ego challenging you. Have faith, trust and believe that your crystals can and do work for you.

Crystals, you see, are simply another tool for you to use in your growth. They are not a cure-all. But with time, practice and trust (in your crystals AND yourself), I have no doubt that they can work for you.


FREE Energy Exercises:

Here is a sample exercise that can help you connect with your own unique energy.
These are taken from the Stepping Stones to Crystal Basics — Crystal Communication Home Study Course available at The Crystal Moon Sanctuary.

Give yourself a hand!

Sit comfortably, at a desk is preferable (you will need a table in front of you for part two).

Part one of this exercise is designed for feel only:

Clap your hands and rub them firmly together. Place your hands about an inch apart, palms facing each other. Focus on the space between your hands. What do you feel?

Move your hands another inch apart. Do you still feel the same sensation? Is it stronger or weaker?

Move your hands another inch apart. Concentrate on the energy flow between the hands. Has the sensation subsided or is it still present?

Continue to move your hands further apart until you can no longer feel the energy.

Part Two of this exercise is for visual as well as feel and is best if done in a darkened or dimly lit room:

Lay a dark colored piece of paper or fabric on the desk in front of you.

Clap your hands and rub them together as you did in Part One of the exercise.

Hold your hands directly over the dark paper or fabric on the desk and spread the hands about one inch apart, palms facing each other.

Focus your attention on the area between the hands. Allow your eyes to look upon this area in a semi-focused state. What do you see?

Again, move your hands another inch apart. Continue to place your focus between the hands.

Were you able to visually see your own energy? If not, it’s OK! Keep practicing.

Here is a sample exercise that can help you connect with your crystal's energy:
These are taken from the Stepping Stones to Crystal Basics — Crystal Communication Home Study Course available at The Crystal Moon Sanctuary.

Lay a piece of your chosen crystal on a table in front of you.

Take three deep breaths, inhaling and exhaling slowly. Now hold your hand over the crystal starting at a distance of 1/2”.

What do you feel? Are you able to pick up any impressions or pictures? Move your hand up to a distance of 1”, then 1 1/2” and so forth. What do you feel now?

I feel:

  • Physical Sensations (what type of sensation and where is it located on the body?)
  • Emotional Sensations (what type of sensation and where is it located on the body?)
  • I see (pictures in the mind) or hear (write down whatever it is you hear, be it your voice in your head or someone else's).

Sit the crystal/stone in front of you on a table. (Use a dark fabric or table covering if you have one. This will make it easier to see the energy vibration coming off of a piece.)

Place your feet flat on the floor to connect with the Earth, which will ground you as you begin your exercise.

Close your eyes and take three deep breaths (inhale and exhale).

Open your eyes and focus on the crystal/stone in front of you. Observe its color, its shape, its texture, etc. Write what you see. Be as detailed as possible.

When I look at this crystal/stone, I see:

Pick the crystal/stone up. Again observe it closely. Turn it over in your hands. What do you feel? Is it smooth or rough? Pitted or dented? Do you feel any type of energy? (This could be something as subtle as pinpricks in your hand, a buzzing type of feel or vibration, or a faint pulsation.)

As you hold the crystal/stone, do you receive any impressions? (See any pictures? Hear any “voices” or information, etc?) Do not question. Do not doubt. Write it all down.

Journaling (Image by David Schwarzenberg from Pixabay)

Further Reading:

If you've tried the above and you still feel like you aren't connecting with your stone or sensing its energy, then we have a fantastic article for you to turn to: I've Tried it All and Still Can't Feel Crystal Energy. It will help you understand your clairs better which can help you to sense your crystal's energy easier.


Original Article by Kristi
Kristi Huggins / Mira Bai is the Author of The Gemstone Healing Guide, A Healing Apothecary and creator of The Crystal Moon Sanctuary.

Posted on March 26, 2010

    (Submitted by: Amanda on January 30, 2018)
    (Submitted by: Mary on August 23, 2017)
  In my experience some crystals are not ready to connect or engage with you. This could be because of a variety of reasons. One day you may suddenly feel it. This was my experience with amethyst. I felt an energy wash over me out of the blue from my amethyst head necklace after having worn it for years. I knew instantly it was amethyst, it was beautiful elegant wise and so peaceful and protective, all the things I had read about but never felt. Now I don't always feel her, I don't push or have intentions about feeling anything. I know our state is changing and that the energy is sometimes undetectable. Maybe my energy is close to hers so I can't feel the difference? Who knows? When my energy is low the crystals feel strong and powerful and really help to calm and quieter my heart. I know they are our tools and if they bring you joy and peace they are serving a purpose in your life isn't joy what all beings want?  (Submitted by: Sian on February 05, 2017)
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