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One of the questions that we receive most frequently is about how to safely store and display crystals.

A simple way to store your crystals is in divided cardboard flats. These fit easily in a drawer and can be written on so that you can label the crystals that are contained in each section. Stackable plastic trays are also a great way to keep your collection organized and on display or tucked neatly into a drawer until you’re ready to work with your stones. Both of these options are great for storing tumbled stones, small natural crystals and minerals, and gemstone chips. Small plastic containers make a great storage option for small individual crystals or gemstone chips. You can find divided plastic boxes with lids at almost any hardware or retail store. This allows you label each section so that you can easily identify your crystals. Don’t forget to check out the fishing section; many times the boxes used for lures are a perfect fit for crystals! If you're worried about crystals getting damaged in their compartments, you can line them with felt.

How you store them within these containers is entirely up to you. You can group them according to their chakra association, raw and tumbled or polished, according to their colors.

Glassware is a great way to display your crystals. It allows you to keep your collection contained while attractively displaying it at the same time. You can use bowls, cups, candle holders, old ashtrays, or any other container that appeals to you.

Wooden containers are also a great choice. Wood bowls are great for storing your crystals and they lend a nice, earthy energy to your crystals. It’s also a good idea to keep some pouches or small drawstring bags on hand for those crystals that you want to keep nearby to work with but also want to make sure that they’re kept out of the sunlight.

For larger specimens that you wish to display, wall shelves, free standing shelving units, and china cabinets are ideal choices. Again, you can find these at most local hardware and retail stores or they can be ordered online. A large specimen can also make an eye-catching centerpiece on a dining room table.

Many people actively use their crystals in grids, which is a great way to display them while also supporting specific goals and intentions. Please see our helpful articles on how to create crystal grids and keep them working effectively. It’s also important to clear your crystals regularly, even if you’re only using them for display purposes, since they can pick up energy from their surrounding environment.

The most important thing to remember when choosing how to store your crystals is to let your intuition be your guide! Your imagination is your only limit!

How to Store Crystals in a Bowl with a Candle

One thing to keep in mind is that soft crystals (those with a Mohs hardness of 6 or less) can be easily scratched and you may wish to keep those separate from other stones. Also, "rough" or "raw" stones can scratch any tumbled stones and should be kept in their own container.


By Stephanie Tingle

Posted on March 03, 2014

  Awesome ideas..I went with my husband to his tool store and found some plastic containers that snap shut so you can carry them when need too. And have my big clusters on a wall shelf they look soo pretty!!. :)  (Submitted by: Jennifer S on November 08, 2016)

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