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How to Solder Your Own Wellness Pendants

By Allison LaBarbera

I’d like to start out by saying I am no expert on soldering and jewelry making. My resume consists of being a Jr. Account Coordinator at an advertising agency and I currently work per diem for a Long Island hospital system as a registered vascular technologist. I started this crystal wellness journey last year and although I have put in many hours and I’m overall very pleased with my craft, I have not perfected it. I want to share with you my own personal process and help you make your own wellness jewelry instead of buying into consumerism and big business. Soldering is not difficult (as I taught myself) and you only need 4 items to start. These items can be purchased at Michael’s or on the internet. I bought mine on my sister’s Amazon prime account and everything came in 2 days!  With that being said, let’s begin and PLEASE have fun with this.

You will need a soldering iron, lead free solder, flux, and copper tape. I recommend using copper tape with a black or dark backing in the event you want to make a Clear Quartz pendant, so you do not see the copper through the crystal. You will see what I mean once you start making your own soldered pendant caps. Goggles and masks are always a good idea when soldering.  

Once you have obtained all of your supplies (which I must say is relatively inexpensive), you will need to find crystals, sea glass, rocks, sticks or anything you would like to make into your wellness pendant. I use crystals and sea glass because I love the spiritual, emotional, physical, and mental benefits I receive from them. It’s important but not essential to have a nice work space. I work in my living room which is not ideal, but I set aside a small desk where I work and display all my finished products on drift wood displays I found on the beach. I love my house and there is nowhere else I’d rather be when creating. My house is at the beach and my living room gets much light. I always create while playing music.

Step 1: Turn on your soldering iron. Let this heat up while you are wrapping your pendant.

Step 2: The copper tape will act as your cap. Cut pieces of the copper tape form the roll and remove the adhesive backing. Wrap the top of the pendant until it is completely covered with the copper tape. This can be a bit challenging as the copper tape can lose its adhesiveness quite quickly and it won’t stick to your pendant. Hang in there; it may take a few times, but it will be worth it in the end.

Step 3: Once you are satisfied with your cap, use a small brush (anything will do - when I first started I used an old unused eye shadow brush I had lying around). Cover the cap with flux. Try not to use too much flux as I’ve found the excess can turn a little black.

Step 4: Now you are ready to solder. I hold my soldering iron to the solder and wait until it heats up and melt a large blob onto my iron. I then put it onto the copper taped cap and boom! It will turn silver! The hot solder with melt in an instant onto the pendant cap. Repeat this step until your cap is completely silver in color and you are satisfied with your cap.

Voilà! A 4-step process to making your own wellness jewelry! Not only will you feel great when your treasure is finished, you will be able to pair it with any chain or chord of your choosing and match it to your favorite outfits.

I will have a live tutorial in the near future, as I am a visual learner myself, but at least you now have an idea of the process and know beforehand the supplies you will need. 

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Wishing you love and light today and always.


Allison LaBarbera
Owner, Vibing High     

Posted on May 16, 2017

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