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From: Elizabeth
Sent: Monday, September 22, 2008 10:57 AM
Subject: Comment from - Discount Prices on Healing Crystals, Minerals & Tumbled Stones

Hello again! I just love visiting your website. so many little time. haha

I probably should have asked this before--i work in an office of a very large retail store. there have been so many changes in the company in the last 2 years and the few that work in the office are unhappy with the changes, but as you probably know jobs are hard to find and keep these days. my question is because there are so many crystals that can be used for negative energy and such, which one or ones would be suitable for the office that would at least make a big difference in the negative energy in the office? i am almost certain it would take a 2 ton amethyst. haha. any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!


Hi Elizabeth,

Thank you for your question - yes office environments are filled with change and unrest right now.  Your office is lucky to have you, someone who is aware and who wants to do something about the energy in the work place.  I've highlighted some of the crystals recommended for clearing and healing an environment.  They are Amber, Chlorite, Green Fluorite, Obsidian and Prehnite.  I've listed each below with a short summary of their characteristics and a link to our product pages.

I agree - a 2 ton Amethyst would bring in calming and would look great in an entrance foyer, don't you think?  Maybe with a nice fountain also...;-)  I acually had a wonderful fantacy of you being a little nome gridding the whole place..that would be a hoot!  So, in reality, my suggestion would be to start small.  Maybe bring some into your specific work area - cube or office and grid your space.  Then if you see an difference (you'll probably have the whole office visiting your area to calm down...), then you can move it out to a larger area, what the heck?  I don't see you doing any dammage, right?  The important thing is to have a positive intention to clear the energy and encourage peace and happiness in the work place.  At the end of this email I've included some information on gridding for more office enjoyment!

Amber - Provides positive mental states, encourages peacefulness and develops trust.

chlorite - helps to eliminate toxins from the environment and personal energy field

Green Fluorite - Good for absorbing negative energies within the environment  and a good mental cleanser.

obsidian - absorbs negative energies from the environment and blocks geopathic stress and environmental pollution.

prehnite - great for gridding as it calms the environment bringing in peace and protection.

Below are the links to the more "instructional" information - cleaning and programming and grids and intention.
e have an article on clearing and programming crystals - the link is below:
Here's the link on gridding:

Thanks again for your question.  Good luck with being a change agent and have fun!

Love and Harmony,


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  So tickled pink I picked this website out of the many to chose from on the search engine page! I thankfully don't have to share my cubicle (yet) but unfortunately my cubicle is connected to a co-worker's that is just a miserable person and I find that I'm VERY sensitive to her energy & emotions. It may look silly but I'm going to set up a crystal forcefield on the one cubicle wall to hopefully silence her bad juju! THANK YOU!!!  (Submitted by: Christi on October 02, 2012)

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