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I'm very sorry to say this because I've been happy with most of the crystals that I have ordered. But I received the three small Red jasper hearts I ordered and was surprised they are no way close to being red. I know. Crystals are unique, but all three are the color of mud, they're brown. It's just hard for me to imagine with all the crystals you have that I didn't get one red one or even a swirled one would have been nice. The Topaz Crystal is beautiful and I already have it on. But just thought you should know what I received in regards to the red jasper.
Thanks. Susie
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Thank you so much for the beautiful Jasper.I purchased first time and it's awesome.Very impressive packing with a beautiful gift and reached on time. Very quick service. Thank you and God bless you.
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Everything was was perfect as usual. Thank You
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Hearts - Red Jasper Heart    [CHTJR]

Instock $ 2023-08-17
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