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Healing Crystals CHTONX CHTONX
Love it. Feels amazing in my hands..great quality.
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I purchased this black onyx heart along with a white aventurine one as an opposite: yin-yang, in a sense. I specifically asked for the "darkest black" available (even though they are all very dark), since both heart stones were purchased as a early Christmas present for my cousin, who is currently off training in the military. The aventurine is for him, while he can give the onyx to whomever he wishes as a sort of romantic gesture.

I am pleased to say that I received both hearts in fine condition! They're a little bigger than I thought they would be for their size, but they're perfect! I can't wait for Christmas to come around so I can gift him these when he comes home for the holidays. Thank you so much! :)
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Hearts - Black Onyx Heart    [CHTONX]

Instock $ 2024-03-23
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